Talent Mapping: The Recruitment Solution for Corporate Facilities Outsourcing

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Corporate Real Estate and Facilities need high calibre talent, from Facilities Managers to Engineering Directors. For businesses unable to devote their own time to managing property, or to even hiring the staff to do so, outsourcing firms are the stress-free solution.

When choosing which outsourcing firm to go through, clients want the reassurance that they have the best employees in place. But for outsourcing companies, maintaining a ‘bench’ of the best talent is expensive. Have employees at the ready and you pay the expenses. Don’t, and you run the risk of pushing back contracts in the rush to find suitable candidates. Without a line-up of staff ready to support new clients, pressure is high and client relationships can sour. In the negotiation of new contracts, the talent pipeline dilemma is one every outsourcing company faces.

The Talent Pipeline Problem

The outsourcing market for FM and Real Estate is huge. For businesses the benefits of using outsourcers are manifold, not least a more streamlined business with expert staff on hand to take on and manage complex processes.  

When outsourcing companies are bidding for new business they need to demonstrate to their prospective client that they have – or will have – the right talent in place. But maintaining a 'bench' can be incredibly expensive as you are carrying headcount that you don’t need. On the other hand, trying to recruit the right person after winning the account can go wrong as it is hard to find good candidates at short notice. If you don’t have them in place, the transition or mobilisation of contracts may damage relationships.

Our Solution: Talent Mapping

How can organisations build their talent pipeline? Identifying the available talent is the first step.

Talent Mapping is, simply put, an in-depth report of the available candidate pool. CSG conduct a thorough, targeted search to provide an exhaustive report of candidates, across defined locations and organisations, below, above and at the skill level required.

By identifying all of the available talent in the market, outsourcing businesses have a comprehensive talent pool to approach as and when is needed. Recruiters do the ground work and outsourcing businesses have an invaluable resource from which they can create their own talent pipeline.

A Unique Selling Point

Talent mapping is not common in the US so any business choosing to use it will be ahead of the curve, and it is something worthwhile including in the bidding process. Outsourcers can show prospective clients the process used to get the right person on board, which gives clients more reassurance in the increased likelihood of a fast and efficient placement, and of the best available talent.


You don’t need to choose between having an expensive ‘bench’ of talent and a rushed search process. Talent Mapping is the talent solution which allows companies to prepare for quick hiring, to set the foundations for possible recruits, whilst also acting as a niche USP that prospective clients are likely to invest in.

CSG’s Talent Mapping service has helped thousands of companies get a talent pipeline in place, to create bespoke succession plans and to win themselves business through the trust and security it creates with clients of their own. If your company would benefit from our value added service, or if you would simply like to find out more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can be reached at +44 (0) 1132 054 802 or jonathan.cassidy@csgtalent.com.