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As Building Materials recruitment experts, we understand that while the Construction industry's importance and dynamics are well documented, the Building Materials industry generally gets less attention despite exceeding $1.1 trillion in global revenue. Yet, it is still an industry facing many similar challenges to other sectors. 

Resource scarcity, increased sustainability pressures and regulation, increasing consolidation in the market, and, crucially, a limited workforce and construction productivity all impact the industry. In addition, a shortage of labor with the right capabilities and skill sets has exacerbated the challenges in meeting demand. As a result, many market leaders are adopting different strategies to keep their businesses moving forward.

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These shortages have meant candidates in senior-level roles with proven experience are in high demand. When developing their hiring strategies, organizations need to start thinking pragmatically about the type of talent they want to attract and the methods of how they do this. With the talent shortages impacting building materials and the construction industry as a whole, companies need to act fast to identify the right talent, ensure the hiring process is seamless, and to quickly secure the candidate. 

In addition, developing a future-focused talent strategy has also become critical to allow Building Materials manufacturers and distributors to remain competitive, developing talent and creating a talent pipeline for future industry leaders. With an experienced Building Materials recruitment team, CSG Talent supports leading industry organizations to attract the next generation of leaders and commercial and technical talent.

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CSG's specialist Building Materials recruitment consultants cover several markets within the industry and recruit cross-functionally within these markets, covering a range of senior level roles, particularly within the Commercial space.

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