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As a specialist civil engineering recruiter, we can report that it is estimated that $69.4 trillion in global infrastructure investment would be needed through 2035 to support expected GDP growth. New technologies are transforming all stages of the engineering and construction process, changing how companies design, plan and execute projects. These improvements are critical, with construction projects becoming increasingly complex and expensive and putting greater pressure on improving costs, timelines and efficiencies.

The pandemic has accelerated much of the transformation in the AEC industry, and the persistent scarcity of skilled labor puts even further pressure on organizations as they endeavor to lead the transformational change in the industry and transform ways of working.

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Having a clear talent strategy has become increasingly important to meet these new challenges. AEC organizations need to align with new strategies and implement new strategies, which requires extraordinary leadership at all levels of the company. Developing talent and creating a talent pipeline for the new leaders needed for tomorrow is critical.

With an experienced Civil Design and Construction Management team, CSG Talent supports leading organizations in the industry with attracting the next generation of leaders, commercial and technical talent who have the ability to align to and drive new strategies.

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CSG's specialist Civil Design & Construction Management recruitment consultants cover senior level planning, design and engineering roles across the following sectors

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