Diversity and Inclusion at CSG Talent

Working towards a diverse and inclusive environment for all

Creating A Place Where Everyone's Voice is Heard

We are committed to creating an environment in which employees from all backgrounds are welcomed, represented and championed to succeed. Creating a workplace where everyone’s voice is heard from leadership through to consultants is important to all of us. We work with clients across the globe where D&I is a big focus and so it’s even more important that we are taking the lead. We recognise that CSG Talent can still do more to enhance existing processes but the strides we have taken in recent years have shifted the culture a long way from where we started.


Understanding Ramadan with Taahir

Across CSG Talent we have a number of colleagues who observe Ramadan. We recently sat down with Taahir Patel, one of our Life Science headhunters based in Leeds, to explore his connection to Ramadan, build a greater understanding of the topic and hear how we can become better colleagues, managers and friends during this time. Plot twist: ask your team mate their preferences!

Our Leadership

Gender Diversity within our leadership team is where a lot of our focus is right now as we understand the importance of having representative role models. This will involve looking externally to increase female voices at senior management level, and utilisation of our Management Development Programme and other touchpoints to nurture and develop the fantastic female talent we already have within the business.


Our Committee

2021 marked the introduction of our D&I Committee. We created this to ensure continuous discussions around what changes, strategies and processes needed to be put in place to make a tangible difference to the DE&I at CSG Talent. We have since been focusing on moving away from celebrating and recognising causes just to align with a global awareness day, week or month - and shifting the focus on to topics that our team feel passionate about and that we can authentically raise awareness of or celebrate.


Our Offices

Our modern offices offer a variety of collaborative or quiet workspaces to support employees approaches to work. We also have multi-faith spaces which employees can easily access throughout the day. Our work-from-home policy has been in our DNA even pre-covid and continues to allow our employees to work flexibly where needed.


Our Culture

We can confidently say that CSG Talent is well on its way to being a workplace that works for everyone. Our strengths lie within our staff - with a huge range of backgrounds and personalities we have created an office where everyone feels comfortable bringing their true self to work.


Our Flexible Working

Our approach to working is always flexible, so we can always make it work whether it’s appointments, religious holidays, family commitments or otherwise. It's not just short-term fixes; we are committed to finding long-term solutions and recognise that people's lives can change and we may need to adapt our approach from time to time depending on individual circumstances.

We recently introduced a flexible bank holiday scheme which allows our teams to assign their own bank holidays to days that are most relevant to them.