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As an expert Biotech and Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency, we understand that within Biotech & Pharma, many companies struggle to attract and retain executives with the right experience, business development, commercialization, and a sufficiently entrepreneurial mindset. In addition, clinical-development expertise is also in short supply.

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Tech and Talent are the Future of Life Sciences

A comprehensive guide on navigating challenges and leveraging opportunities with talent in the life sciences industry. This report explores:

  • The growing strategic importance of digital transformation
  • Power of innovation and evolving technologies in life science 
  • The vital challenges facing life sciences companies
  • How are life science businesses tackling hiring and retention

The talent pool has been growing recently, particularly in the United States, with Europe and other regions still behind. Some companies are establishing strategies to target the most expansive talent pool possible, such as the European biotechs that have set up US affiliates and distributed their business development, access, marketing, and strategy teams across continents. Other biotechs are experimenting with outsourcing models, keeping select talent in-house but looking outside the organization for multiple specialist capabilities. Whichever approach organizations choose to pursue, their ability to build, attract, and retain biotech talent will be fundamental to their success.

CSG Talent works closely with leading Biotech & Pharma companies to support their talent strategies - whether that is identifying and attracting talent across continents or targeting specialist technical talent. We have a track record of success placing senior-level roles across Europe, the US, MENA, and APAC.

Life Science Recruitment Specialists

CSG's specialist Life Science recruitment consultants operate in niche sectors and cover a range of senior level roles including Commercial, Technical, Engineering, R&D, Regulatory, Country level and Regional level Management roles and C-Level executives. The team work with companies end to end supporting throughout their lifecycle.

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