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The AEC industry has never had an easy ride when it comes to attracting and retaining highly-skilled talent. Within Architecture, the demand for candidates continues to heavily outweigh supply, and architecture firms in the market for new hires are having to compete for the best candidates. There’s no denying the pandemic has disrupted the market even more, socially and economically, exacerbating the mid-senior level talent gap further.

The skills companies are looking for are still both wide and specialized - they require a blend of project management, technical and specialist skills, as well as requiring the candidate to be a good fit culture wise. Finding someone who has it all is always going to be a challenge.

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Candidates are also driving the market with their high expectations. They’re taking their time to consider all of their available options. Candidates want variety, they want a challenge, they want work that will be enjoyable and personally fulfilling and they want flexibility. Companies are going to have to make themselves more attractive than ever, if they want to attract the best people for their business.

We understand that within such a competitive environment, leading architecture organizations not only need access to the very best talent with the right specialist skills and culture fit but also need to be positioned in the right way to be attractive to those candidates. With an experienced architecture, design & planning team, CSG Talent have an impressive track record in attracting exceptional architects and design professionals.

Architecture Recruitment Specialists

CSG's specialist Architecture recruitment consultants cover several markets within the industry and recruit cross-functionally within these markets, covering a range of senior level roles.

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