How to Attract Top Talent to the Warehouse Automation and Robotics Industry


The industrial automation sector is constantly evolving, utilising new technologies to enhance and increase the efficiency of processes and specific functions within a business. The market for industrial automation is expected to reach $326.14 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2020 to 2027. Computers, robotics and intelligent control systems are implemented within organisations to automate manufacturing, production and logistics functions, reducing the human element required in some areas. As technology develops and becomes more advanced, all industries will continue to experience impact through automation, and this will impact the type of talent required.  

Businesses are already experiencing talent shortages across industrial automation, with a lack of skilled and experienced talent in warehouse automation and technical skills needed to both set up and implement automation projects. At CSG Talent, our industrial automation experts operate across APAC, the US and Europe. Talent shortages are prevalent across the globe and this is often a huge driving factor for businesses seeking our support with their hiring needs.  

We know there is a specific cycle of activity within industrial automation and this reflects the roles that we recruit for our clients. There tends to be a 3-5 year cycle, where there is often an influx of sales and commercial roles at the earlier stage in the process where projects are initiated, this then slows down to more project management and development roles as projects are implemented and ongoing.

What Industrial Automation jobs are in demand in 2023?

  • Sales & Business Development Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Director of Sales
  • Project Engineer
  • Controls Engineer
  • Solutions Consultant
  • Director of Solutions
  • Project Manager
  • Head of Project Management

We work closely with our industrial automation clients across the globe to enhance their hiring strategy, access wider talent pools, and support with both candidate and business relocation for top industrial automation talent and organisations, offering strategic hiring strategies to combat talent shortages and skills gaps within the industrial automation industry.

How can Industrial Automation businesses attract top talent?

Offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits packages

Salaries are a huge driving factor for candidates and in today’s highly competitive market with an overwhelming number of job opportunities, candidates will naturally be drawn to the most competitive salary, bonus and benefits packages. It is key for businesses to conduct salary reviews to understand market averages and ensure salary offerings and earning potential within the business are competitive in comparison to others in the market. Our warehouse automation recruitment team support clients with salary benchmarking exercises to assist businesses in understanding the most competitive salary ranges and insights within the industry.

In today’s market, working professionals are looking for more than just a role and a salary, they consider all benefits, working environment and culture that contribute to their overall work life balance. Candidates within the industrial automation sector will consider the whole package available and it’s important for them to understand the value a role and employer can bring to them. With this in mind, businesses and leaders must establish how competitive their benefits are, and how appealing their culture and ethos is. Hearing from past and present employees, conducting surveys and research to better understand what your employees want, and what factors are important to consider to both attract and retain talent. As highlighted by Forbes this year, 40% of employers believe workers leave their job to find employment that offers better benefits.

Comprehensive relocation packages for candidates

In some cases, when industrial automation businesses are recruiting for senior and executive level industrial automation jobs, they will need to consider widening their talent pool and access talent in locations further afield. This is also a huge consideration for candidates seeking new opportunities to establish if they would relocate for the right senior level opportunity. When considering a new opportunity in a new location, there are many factors to think about which will be impacted by the move, such as finding a new home, new schools for children and the network and support available to embark on a new life.

The industrial automation recruitment team at CSG Talent work with businesses to ensure they can offer a comprehensive relocation programme to both attract and reassure new employees. Financial resource and support can be hugely beneficial for candidates and allows them to focus on the job opportunity without the pressure of starting the research and relocation programme alone.

Business expansion for businesses breaking into new markets

There are industrial automation businesses based in Asia looking to set up new offices in both Europe and the US. Our team of experts at CSG Talent have successfully supported clients in breaking into new markets by supporting with comprehensive research on the optimum location for both market activity and talent pools. Once initial plans have been implemented, the team have then supported on sourcing talent for new roles, developed businesses employer brand in areas lacking brand presence and guided leaders to ensure they have a successful impact in their new markets. 

Streamline and enhance your hiring process

Businesses within the industrial automation sector need to ensure their hiring processes are effective and well-structured. Without a streamlined process, businesses will miss out on top talent due to lack of planning and organisation which will result in reduced engagement and commitment from candidates.

As part of the planning phase, leaders need to establish the talent they need to grow their business and push towards achieving organisational goals and objectives. What roles will be needed and at what point in the process? Set timelines for business-critical roles and ensure there is sufficient time to conduct recruitment campaigns to have the right talent in place. Before beginning the hiring process, make decisions on who will be involved in the recruitment process, the format, the duration and consider how candidates will be assessed and measured on suitability and experience in a fair and non-biased way.

Our expert teams support industrial automation businesses in demonstrating an efficient and engaging candidate experience to allow them to reach and attract the best talent in the industry. With proven success in placing senior level talent in industrial automation jobs across the globe with leaders in the space.

Bronwen Webb, Principal Consultant in Industrial Automation and Robotics at CSG Talent highlights "One of the main benefits that our clients recognise is that we stay ahead of the market by planning ahead and encourage businesses to pipeline talent. We do this by constantly building trust and strong relationships with industry specialists. We understand candidate career motivations and with access to a huge and engaged talent pool, we approach them about opportunities that will enhance their career along with the organisation."

Creating a diverse and inclusive hiring process and culture

In today’s market, businesses are much more focused and committed to achieving diverse and inclusive work environments and better understand the benefits this can bring to the organisation and employees. Strong financial outcomes, increased productivity and innovation are great benefits, and with all this combined, businesses have greater success in attracting and retaining talent.

To support a diverse and inclusive hiring strategy, it’s important to evaluate your workplace and culture, consider how inclusive the work environment is and establish if the needs of all employee demographics are considered. Having a diverse leadership team is important so businesses need to assess how diverse leadership teams are, how diverse hiring teams are and what changes need to be made to create a more diverse and inclusive culture and hiring process. At CSG Talent, our industrial automation team support clients in reaching their diversity goals, read a recent case study highlighting this in more detail here.

If you’re keen to take steps to further enhance your hiring strategy with a focus on diversity and inclusion, please download our guide – How to create a diverse hiring strategy to attract top talent.

Engage with an industrial automation recruitment specialist

Engaging with a specialist industrial automation recruitment partner is key to getting the best results with your hiring strategy in what is a highly competitive market. By working in partnership with an industrial automation recruitment specialist, you can tap into their in-depth knowledge of the industrial automation industry, market and candidate insights across the globe.

An industrial automation recruitment partner works as an extension of your business, selling job opportunities to top talent, acting as a brand ambassador for your business. An industrial automation recruitment expert has access to larger talent pools of candidates, many of which are not active on the market, candidate pools that have the greatest success in gaining commitment to new job opportunities without competition from other opportunities in the market. A specialist recruiter can effectively build talent pipelines and conduct thorough market research to support future resource planning for the business.

At CSG Talent, our industrial automation recruitment team support businesses across the globe with their talent attraction and hiring strategy, effectively overcoming market challenges to ensure clients meet their headcount goals. Explore our latest industrial automation jobs, and meet our expert global industrial automation recruitment team by clicking here.

Keen to enhance your overall hiring strategy and experience success with your talent attraction? Download our guide – How to create an effective hiring strategy.