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The use of Automation is growing. Companies are increasingly embracing technologies such as robotic process automation and articifical intelligence and more companies are pursuing automation as a strategic imperative. The Warehouse Auomation and Intralogistics market alone is expected to reach $27 billion by 2025, with the unforseen impact Covid has had only serving to act as a catalyst for further growth, with the globalisation of supply chain networks and the need to have facilities operating without reliance on human labour.

Within a growing and fiercely competitive market, it is clear the organisations with successful automation efforts are focused on addressing the skills gaps and getting ahead from a talent acqusition perspective. The competition for talent in this area has intensified as this is increasingly becoming a differentiator.

With an experienced team specialising purely within Automation, CSG Talent can support your business in attracting the next generation of leaders to ensure your organisation's objectives are met, particularly as the industry experiences transformation and growth. We partner with leading organisations within the Robotics and Automation sectors, providing talent acquisition services on a global basis, ensuring our clients invest in the very best senior level talent.

Automation Recruitment Specialists

CSG Talent have an extensive track record of successfully placing high calibre candidates in senior level Automation roles across the following sectors within North America, Europe and APAC. 

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