Sameer Jaffary

Senior Business Consultant - Warehouse Automation

  • Industry: Industrial and Engineering, Industrial Automation
  • Regions covered:

Sameer is a Senior Business Consultant operating within the Deployment and Operations vertical, specialising in Intralogistics and Warehouse Automation. He works with a wide range of businesses from start-ups and SMEs to multinational organisations that are looking to install and integrate automated solutions from AMRs, AGVs, WMS, and AS/RS. Sameer recruits for a variety of roles including COO, VP Project Management, Project Managers, Site Managers, Engineers and Technicians.

Prior to joining CSG Talent, Sameer developed his knowledge and expertise in the Intralogistics space, building a presence in the market and acquiring a strong network of connections. He has a successful track record of providing personalised recruitment solutions and fulfilling niche roles, such as assisting an AMR start-up in the US to build out their Deployment by placing a VP Project Management and Senior Design Engineers within their business. His knowledge of the industry allows him to understand the unique challenges clients face and be able to identify candidates with the technical skills and innovation to drive business success. Sameer's extensive experience has enabled him to transition seamlessly into an established team here at CSG Talent.

“I enjoy being able to build connections with my network and consistently develop my own knowledge and expertise of the industry and the constant evolution of technology within the sector as well as arising key trends. It’s always a joy to collaborate with senior leaders over podcasts or collaborative articles to create thought-provoking pieces of content as well as sparking further discussion on how we can support their plans to sustainably grow within the industry by finding and attracting value-added talent.”