Talent Must Lead the Renewable Energy Revolution

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Take a look at our latest renewable energy report sharing tips and knowledge in the renewable industry and the talent needed to drive forward innovation.

Renewable Energy Report - Talent Must Lead the Renewable Energy Revolution

Across all areas within the renewable energy sector, there is a significant shortage of skilled, high calibre talent with a strong background working within renewable energy. Renewable energy firms within solar, wind, hydrogen and energy storage are struggling to attract the right skillsets to allow their business to thrive and to support the energy transition journey.

“Due to the relative infancy of the renewable energy sector, it is becoming more apparent that the job vacancies far outweigh the talent available within the industry. So, to address the urgent skills gap, has the time come when businesses need to begin considering reskilling and upskilling talent from allied industries, such as oil and gas, which possess transferable skills?”

With fierce competition from other renewable energy companies in the market and talent shortages, businesses need to be proactive and adapt their approach to talent attraction before they fall behind the competition.

What’s inside the latest renewable energy report?

  • The urgent need to fill 43 million jobs across the sector
  • Transferable skills – Are they the answer to combat talent shortages?
  • Inspiring future generations and supporting a greener future
  • Driving innovation through tech talent
  • The power belongs to candidates – What can leaders do to attract talent?
  • Embracing diversity within the renewable energy sector

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