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Phoebe Dixon

Specialist Consultant - Renewable Energy

  • Industry: Renewable Energy & Clean Tech
  • Regions covered: US & EMEA

Phoebe is a Specialist Recruiter operating in the Renewable Energy space with a focus on PV Equipment, EV Charging and Energy Storage. She works with global organisations spanning across Europe and the US, recruiting for a range of mid-senior level positions including Business Development Managers, Project Managers and Field Service Technicians.

With several years of experience in marketing and sales, Phoebe has honed her communication and interpersonal skills, cultivating a keen commercial awareness. Her exceptional performance as the top saleswoman in her region is a testament to her experience. Her skills and expertise have provided a seamless transition into the recruitment industry, where she has gained a strong track record, offering personalised recruitment solutions and placing high quality talent in specialised roles.

“My passion for the Renewable Energy industry drives me to go above and beyond in finding the perfect roles for candidates. I prioritise understanding their career goals and personal aspirations, investing the necessary time to ensure the best possible fit.”

If you are keen to discuss your hiring strategy and growth plans or explore a progressive career move within the Renewable Energy space, contact Phoebe at 

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