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Jon MacDonald

Senior Consultant - Data Centres

  • Industry: Data Centres & IT Infrastructure
  • Regions covered: US & EMEA

Jon is a Senior Consultant at CSG Talent who specialises in the Data Centre industry. He works with both global and national organisations across Europe and the US, recruiting for a variety of functions within the industry including Directors, Engineers, Facility Technicians and Project Managers.

Jon has worked with a specialist focus in IT throughout his recruitment career and uses his expertise to place senior level talent across the Data Centre industry. He is committed to supporting clients by providing recruitment solutions to enhance their business goals and guiding candidates to make effective career moves.

“I really enjoy having the opportunity to connect with people all over the world and feel driven knowing that I can make a real difference in candidate’s lives by helping them to find a role that aligns with their career aspirations and values.”

If you are keen to discuss your hiring strategy and growth plans, or if you’re seeking a new opportunity in the Data Centre industry, get in touch with Jon at: or call +44 (0) 113 416 6698

Jon's insights


In recent years, the data center market has experienced rapid growth and acceleration, and this is only set to continue with the market projected to reach $342.10billion this year, with the largest area being network infrastructure, expected to...