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Jason Barrington

Principal Consultant - Mining

  • Industry: Mining, Minerals & Metals
  • Regions covered: APAC

Jason is an experienced Principal Consultant at CSG Talent with a specific focus in the Mining, Metals and Minerals industry. He works with a range of businesses from small start-ups to medium and large global blue-chip companies, recruiting for a variety of positions including, Chief Financial Officers, Financial Controllers, Business Analysts, Financial Accountants, Corporate Affairs Directors, Communications & Media Directors, Procurement Managers and Supply Chain Managers.

Prior to joining CSG Talent Jason worked across a wide range of industries and has developed his expertise and knowledge of the Mining industry. He has a successful track record of providing effective recruitment solutions to clients with hard-to-fill, niche roles by identifying the best talent and supporting candidates in taking the next step in their career journey.

“Having worked across a broad range of industry sectors with start-ups, SMEs and large corporate clients, I’ve developed a strong understanding of businesses and what makes them successful. The key is the people and attracting the best high performing talent to match the role. I take pride in adding value to organisations by attracting the best candidates.”

If you are looking to grow your company or explore a progressive career move, please feel free to contact Jason at or call +61 (0) 450 491 630

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