Lauren Allanson

Principal Consultant

  • Industry: Mining Minerals and Metals
  • Regions covered:

Lauren is a highly experienced Principal Consultant specialising in Battery Cell Manufacturing including but not limited to; separator, anode, cathode, electrolyte and case within the mobility sector. She works with a diverse range of companies from start ups to global manufacturers in the Electric Vehicle and Battery Cell space. Lauren recruits for a variety of technical and commercial roles at a senior level including VPs, Directors and C-suite.

Lauren has extensive experience in her industry and takes a tailored approach, providing clients with personalised recruitment solutions to meet their specific needs. She dedicates time to understanding the organisations she works with from their culture to their values and long term goals and in doing so is able to find highly skilled candidates who can truly add value to the business.

“I love working in an industry where I am constantly networking and collaborating with individuals who are making a significant positive impact on our planet. It’s exciting to work in a progressive sector and I believe that electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Without battery cell manufacturing, we will not be able to produce the cutting-edge vehicles that consumers will rely on in the future.”