Harry Aaronson

Business Manager - Life Science

  • Industry: Health Sciences, Life Science
  • Regions covered:

Harry is a Business Manager in Life Sciences, specialising in the Pharmaceuticals and Biotech sector. He works with a range of businesses from small, virtual biotechs to global leading pharmaceutical companies, recruiting for a variety of senior level roles in the rare disease and oncology space. 

Harry has a successful track record and strong established partnerships that he has developed with both clients and candidates. His knowledge of the industry allows him to understand the unique challenges clients face and be able to identify candidates with the technical skills and innovation to drive business success.

“I’m inspired by the opportunity to connect individuals with positions that align perfectly with their skills, aspirations, and passions. Witnessing the fulfilment in candidates when they secure a role that not only matches their qualifications but also resonates with their personal and professional goals is incredibly rewarding. 

I find inspiration in the continuous learning and adaptation required in the ever-evolving landscape of Life Science recruitment. Each interaction presents a chance to understand unique perspectives, challenges, and innovations, fuelling my own growth and development within the field. Ultimately, the ability to make a positive impact on individuals' lives by facilitating meaningful career opportunities is what drives my passion for recruitment.”