The Future of Automation – Attracting Talent that will Drive Innovation

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This report is an insightful read for anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of the future of automation across the globe.

As businesses worldwide are focused on more efficient and cost-effective processes, automation adoption is continuing to increase, with 31% of businesses having at least one business function fully automated (McKinsey). It’s a growing and highly competitive market, organizations with successful automation efforts are focused on addressing skills gaps and talent resource planning. The fierce competition for talent has intensified as this is increasingly becoming a differentiator and a common challenge within the automation market.

This report delves into automation across the globe, talent shortages and key areas that must be a focus for businesses if they are going to successfully combat skills gaps and optimise the new technology now available within the automation industry.

What's inside The Future of Automation?

  • The Automation Skills Gap
  • The Automation Talent Disconnect
  • Talent Shortages and Skillsets in Demand
  • Talent Hotspots and Market Expansion
  • The Automation Lifecycle
  • Attracting Top Automation Talent
  • Salary Insights

The report contains unique insights from Brittain Ladd, Supply Chain Management & Strategy Consultant with vast experience in the industry.

"I've already begun to see companies stagnating because they implement a technology but then nothing changes in their company. And the reason why nothing is changing in their company is they don't have individuals who understand the technology. So, what do we do with the automation? Because the big falsehood in business is that, if we automate, we're fine. We've done it. This isn't the case. Automation then forces you to change how you actually run your organization.”

In The Future of Automation report, we explore the potential growth limitations because of a significant talent disconnect. Businesses within industrial automation, warehouse automation and robotics must ensure the talent within their business, or the skills they wish to attract, are the right skills to drive forward innovation and new technologies in the industry.

As Global Talent Experts, we know the importance of attracting talent with the right skills, experience and mindset. Within this report, we highlight the key focus areas that businesses must consider to attract talent ahead of competitors, including in-depth salary insights for automation roles in demand.

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