Tampa’s Thriving Job Market: Top Reasons to Develop an Executive Career in Tampa

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Tampa, Florida is a unique and vibrant city with plenty of exciting opportunities for career and work, a diverse culture, stunning coastlines, and a great climate to live a fulfilling lifestyle. Tampa offers a relatively affordable cost of living in comparison to other cities within Florida, with a range of options for housing and the absence of state income tax, which is an attractive benefit for working professionals to keep more of their earnings.

CSG Talent have 10 global offices, four in the UK, one in Dubai, four in Australia and our newest office based in Tampa, Florida. We are actively recruiting across all business functions, so if you’re seeking a new opportunity in recruitment – Get in touch.

What makes Tampa a great place to live?

We know ourselves the appeal and attractiveness of both living and working in Tampa, here we delve into some of the top reasons why people are choosing to live in Tampa:

Vibrant culture

Tampa has a diverse culture which appeals to a wide audience, not only does it boast a wide range of sporting activities and national teams in baseball, hockey and football, it’s also home to heritage sites, art galleries and world class museums. Throughout the year Tampa hosts a range of events and festivals appealing to a diverse range of people such as food & wine festivals, seasonal events around Halloween and Christmas.

Family orientated setting

Tampa is well known for having a community feel with safe neighbourhoods and great educational opportunities, making it an attractive place for working professionals to locate to and raise a family. With the vast array of attractions there are plenty of activities and places to keep both adults and children entertained all year round.

Reasonable cost of living 

In comparison to other coastal cities across Florida, Tampa offers a more affordable cost of living in terms of dining, entertainment and house and rental prices. Tampa boasts a wide range of job opportunities across a diverse mix of industry sectors. As a result, there are a large number of job opportunities available, making it easier for the vast majority to secure new career prospects.

Sun all year round 

With the sun shining throughout the year, the warm weather allows for more time outdoors making the most of the many stretches of beaches along the Tampa coastline. There are large numbers of parks and reserves where Tampa residents enjoy activities such as cycling, hiking, water sports, fishing and much more. Having the opportunity to spend so much time outdoors in a warm, sunny climate makes Tampa an attractive location.

Emir Tekeli is based in our Tampa office and recruits for senior level appointments across North America. He shared his own thoughts on what makes Tampa such a great place to both live and work; “With the help of the generally sunny exterior and closeness to multiple beaches, Tampa has been a desirable destination to call home for dynamic and aspiring professionals to start their careers, mature leaders to shape city’s business climate, and families to grow their joy for living. And with this comprehensive sense of appeal, businesses have been making investments by building new hubs and expanding their employee populations in the Tampa Bay area, which translates to growth in a very positive manner.”

What makes Tampa a great place to work?

Not only does Tampa offer a great lifestyle, it’s also a fantastic place to work and secure promising job opportunities. So, what makes Tampa a great place to work?

Business support

Tampa boasts a business-friendly environment with the availability of tax incentives and resources for entrepreneurs. This makes Tampa a great location not only for professional development but the scope for significant business growth.

Dynamic workforce

With the many appeals of both living and working in Tampa, young professionals and families are attracted to job opportunities. With increased numbers within this demographic, Tampa has a dynamic and growing work environment and workforce, opening up the door for innovation, fresh ideas and huge collaborations.

Healthy work life balance

With the Tampa climate giving warm and sunny weather all year round, it’s much easier to achieve a healthy work life balance in comparison to colder climates. Having the opportunity to get outside both during and after work can bring with it many benefits. Taking part in outdoor activities allows working professionals the opportunity to wind down, reduce stress and stay focused on both a healthy mental and physical wellbeing all year round.

The Tampa job market

The Tampa job market is rapidly growing and is extremely diverse, making it an attractive place to pursue your career as a job seeker. Some of the top industries experiencing growth and development include healthcare, technology, finance, logistics and tourism. To combat skills shortages across all areas, businesses are offering attractive benefits packages, development opportunities and competitive salaries to ensure they can successfully attract new talent and retain existing talent.

With significant growth across STEM industries in Tampa, we’re seeing a spike in data driven and technical skillsets being sought after by organisations looking to scale up their business. Some of the top in demand roles this year include Data Scientists, Software Developers, Environmental Engineers, Cybersecurity Engineers, Biomedical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers, just to name a few.

Another area which is rapidly growing is the construction market in Tampa, this is a result of population growth, infrastructure upgrades and economic growth. With more people living in Tampa, there is an increased demand for commercial development, enhanced infrastructure and more housing.

There is huge investment in developing water systems and transportation, alongside sustainability efforts and a drive towards renewable energy alternatives. Tampa is becoming an attractive economy for investment and businesses relocating to the area which is driving the growth across all areas of construction. As a result, we’re seeing an increased demand for specialised roles including Construction Inspectors, Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Construction Estimators and Construction Project Managers.

Tampa has such a wide range of attractive benefits making it an appealing location to both live and work, with excellent career prospects, high quality of life and a diverse range of successful industry sectors – We know ourselves it’s becoming an increasingly desirable location for senior level executives seeking new job opportunities and this will continue to grow throughout the year.

At CSG Talent, our expert team support senior level professionals in securing new job opportunities both in Tampa and surrounding areas. Explore our office in Tampa, Florida – CSG are in a prime location with excellent facilities and amenities – CSG Talent office in Tampa, Florida.

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