Talent Strategy Services: Refine your Approach to Hiring


Simply hiring a great candidate will not always have the impact you require for your business. Many businesses need extra insight, future planning and branding to get the right people on board to achieve the results they need to grow, in line with business objectives. 

CSG Talent offer a range of Talent Strategy Services to help inform, define and develop your recruitment strategy. We undertake bespoke projects which cater to your specific business needs, encompassing one or more of our Talent Strategy Services: 

  • Talent Pipelining  – helps you to engage the future talent of your business 

  • Talent Mapping  – provides you with an understanding of the talent landscape 

  • Talent Attraction  – provides you with the tools to strengthen your employer brand 

  • Talent Insights – gives you confidence in your business decisions through: 

- Salary Benchmarking 

- Diversity and Inclusion Assessments 

- Feasibility Assessments 

- Perception Audits 

We pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding of our client’s needs and challenges. We work in partnership, not only to fill vacancies but to grow your business and provide insight and strategies to help inform and evolve your future approach to hiring. 

Adding Value to our Clients 

Many of our long standing clients have already benefitted from our Talent Strategy Services and seen a real impact on their business as a result. 

So how exactly have our Talent Strategy Services been utilised? 

Talent Strategy Services: Talent Mapping 

A client in the Oil & Gas industry were focused on a strategy of top line revenue growth across the Eastern Hemisphere. They needed to understand why their sales revenue was considerably lower than their competitors in the region. 

Using our Talent Mapping service, we completed a full analysis of the client’s 8 main competitors across 3 areas to identify where their comparable headcount was low and analyse whether this directly impacted their revenue in the region. We provided a full talent map for each competitor covering the sales function; providing names and reporting structures. 

From this mapping, it was clear that their competitors had much larger sales forces, which directly linked to their revenue. Armed with this knowledge, our client had the confidence to increase their sales teams; CSG Talent worked closely with them to recruit leading individuals within each area to gain a competitive advantage.   

Talent Strategy Services: Talent Insights - Salary Benchmarking 

A leading gold business was planning a large expansion project within Europe. With limited experience of operating in a particular country, they needed to gain an understanding of salaries in the region so they could provide detailed costings for their expansion plans and budgets. 

Our research team undertook a Salary Benchmarking project, identifying a sample of individuals in the same roles within similar sized mining companies, working on similar projects within that country. 

CSG Talent engaged with these individuals to gather insight into their base salaries, bonuses, and additional benefits such as healthcare, pensions, accommodation/food/car allowances etc. We also gathered insight regarding their expectations of remuneration packages if they were to move into a new role for our client. As a result, we provided our client with clear recommendations on how to compensate potential employees in order to attract the best talent in the region.  

Talent Strategy Services: Talent Pipelining 

A well-known contracting business were looking to expand into the Americas. They were flying individuals over from Australia but were looking to build a local workforce to reduce costs and drive growth in their new location.   

We undertook a Talent Pipelining project, focussed on three key roles, in two countries; identifying and approaching the leading talent and introducing our client as a potential future employer. We kept the individuals warm and engaged so when a role became available, we were able to move very quickly to the offer stage. 

CSG Talent delivered a pipeline of potential candidates who were engaged and interested in the opportunities our client had to offer. As well as engaging CSG Talent to recruit roles for their sister company, our client is currently waiting for confirmation on winning a contract. Once confirmed, this pipeline of candidates will be ready to begin work on the project immediately. 

Talent Strategy Services: Talent Attraction 

One of our long-term clients, a mining company, was struggling to attract new talent. They wanted to change the perception of the mining industry from being strictly underground and highly traditional to highlight the innovation and creativity of their business. 

We undertook an Employer Brand project for our client and, working with their HR Department, developed a clear and unique positioning, key taglines targeting diverse talent, and a broad range of engaging company imagery. Outputs included a candidate pack with employee 'stories', example job adverts and a digital campaign. 

With a completely new employer brand, our client was able to attract a diverse range of candidates, to grow and develop alongside the company. 

At CSG Talent, we are focused on building meaningful relationships with our clients, providing bespoke solutions to your unique talent requirements. We develop an understanding of your specific talent needs and design a tailored project with these needs in mind, encompassing one or more of our Talent Strategy Services.  

If you feel your business would benefit from our insights and expertise, please get in touchfor a conversation with one of our specialist consultants on a bespoke talent strategy project.