Retained Search Campaigns: The Best Way To Make Senior Level Hires?

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A retained assignment ensures the most thorough and efficient process to finding the best candidate in the market for your vacancy. If you are struggling to fill a position, have a new requirement or just want the best level of search, then choose a retained executive search campaign.

What are we proposing?

A retained search campaign is a piece of consultative research. If you are making a senior level appointment this is a great option; it will result in you filling the role with the best possible individual.

Our Research Team will identify all candidates that fit the set criteria through a multi-sourcing plan. This includes robust internet, telephone and face to face research, networking, headhunting and advertising. A consultant or team of consultant will then contact, interview and assess candidates, and propose only the very best for a shortlist.

The assignment includes detailed market mapping and insightful business intelligence.  Candidates are comprehensively interviewed, to not only find the right person with appropriate skills and experience, but also the right person from a personality, cultural and attitude perspective. The shortlist submitted will outline the candidate’s suitability, strengths and motivations for the position. 

Above: An example shortlist, as it would be presented to you

It requires a dedicated team and a professional, thorough approach. A typical retained search campaign receives on average 150 man hours compared to the 30 hours that are spent on a standard contingency search. Through headhunting, advertising and all associated networking, you are presented with the full scope of who's available in the market. This guarantees the right candidate is the best in class, not just the best in process.

The Benefits

A retained assignment gives you an assurance that no stoned will be left unturned in finding you the best candidate for the role. It gives the most effective level of service, value for money and produces the best results.

You mitigate risk, receiving exclusive focus and commitment from the team

Your vacancy becomes a priority with a dedicated team working on it, we will work all hours to do whatever is necessary to deliver
There is a consistency of the message communicated to all candidates in the market and you have control and an understanding of how you are being represented
We provide a detailed profile on each candidate, not only outlining their personal circumstances but equally an insight into their strengths and weaknesses, salary expectations etc.
You will gain critical Business Intelligence. By mapping out the market, you will gain insight into what your competitors are doing, benchmarking of salaries, how you are portrayed in the industry, and provided with comprehensive organisational charts

We will carry out thorough due diligence to give us the best insight into candidates, including speaking to reportees as references, respective partners and speak to existing or historic customers with the candidates permission

The process:

To start the process, we will hold a meeting to understand your company and exact requirements, and then we will develop a bespoke recruitment plan. With a retained assignment proportion of fee up front, which justifies the level of search and commitment for us. Throughout the process we will provide you with frequent feedback, with expectations on both sides made clear to ensure the candidates are a fantastic match.

Above: An example of the detailed company structure provided as part of our retained search offering.

If you want to discuss which is the best option for your requirement or have any queries, please call or email CSG to explore what is the most advantageous way forward for your business.