Market Mapping Can Boost Your Business - Here's How

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In addition to our regular recruitment services, CSG is proud to offer the added value service of market mapping to our clients. But what is it exactly, and how could it benefit your business?

What Is Market Mapping?

Market mapping is an extensive type of research performed on a group of your competitor companies, which outlines their structure, makeup and the talent within each organisation. Saving you both time and money, it will furnish you with an in-depth market intelligence of the candidate pool with the necessary experience, skills and network to have an impact on their business from day one. The research can be bespoke to your business needs.

How Does It Work?

We understand that you’ll only get the best out of any recruitment service when it’s tailored to your exact requirements. That’s why we ask you to identify the competition to map, highlighting the target companies and any relevant divisions within them. You will also need to specify the location, whether it be one, several or a global search and the position and level (or number of levels) you want our research team to map out. They will then identify everyone that occupies that position at the specified locations, working at the target companies. You will complete a full briefing document prior to the search to ensure all parties are in agreement.

Why Is Market Mapping Performed?

There are three key reasons clients might approach us for mapping:

1. To help plan the future of the senior leadership team

Gaining an understanding of how your competitors are structured will help you plan a vision for your company’s future. The process helps identify gaps in your organisational structure, plan future hires, and see how your competition handle similar workforce issues.   

2. To build up a network of candidates

Market mapping highlights and identifies candidates with the right skills background, usually filling a certain position (for example, Engineering Manager, Sales Director) on either a local or global level. This provides a platform for you (or us on your behalf) to then approach and attract candidates that are in the market, but not necessarily ‘on the market’. Statistically speaking, this group will usually contain the top performers, because they tend to enjoy the work they do and their employers work hard to keep them contented. Following market mapping, you’ll have a network of candidates whose skills, level, location and contact details are known -  an invaluable asset for the future.

3. Entering a new market or geographical location or hard to fill role

Perhaps most importantly, the research document we’ll provide will help you make informed decisions. If you are entering a new market, or a new location where you might be lacking in reliable contacts, mapping the market will help you understand the local talent pool, see how the market is covered, and learn what the competition is doing. Mapping is particularly useful for a hard to fill role; if the client has been unable to fill a position due to lack of skills or interest in the position, the Research Team will identify all candidates with the correct skills, experience and location to fill the role. 

The Research Team

If you have any queries, or want to discuss which is the best option for your requirements, call or email Nina or Jade from our team to explore what is the most advantageous way forward for you and your clients.  

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