How to Build a Strong Employer Brand to Support Talent Attraction and Hiring Strategy

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An employer brand is the way in which a business communicates or markets its business to both internal and external stakeholders, clients, customers, and employees, both existing and potential. All businesses have an employer brand, it is a case of establishing if the perceived brand is attractive and appealing to existing and potential employees as being one that they would be keen to work for.  When a company can effectively communicate and facilitate a strong brand identity, it, in turn, gives the business a positive brand image and culture. 

Having an engaging and robust employer brand supports businesses in both attracting and retaining talent. A positive employer brand that demonstrates a credible, authentic, and supportive work culture can be highly beneficial in retaining talent, as well as appealing to others who consider working for the company. 

It is vital for businesses and senior leadership teams to focus on their employer brand to support business growth, business success and activities, as well as a direct impact on hiring and retention. A strong employer brand increases employee engagement and morale, which also contributes to the overall employee experience. Having engaged, high-calibre talent within your organisation who feel aligned with the employer brand will also have a positive impact on the overall customer experience, journey, and client relations.  

Employer branding is a priority for 60% of all companies. (Universum Global Report, 2021)  

What is the Employee Value Proposition? 

According to CIPD - The employee value proposition ‘EVP’ describes what an organisation stands for, requires and offers as an employer. The psychological contract between employers and workers addresses and sets expectations, beliefs, and obligations of the employment relationship. 

To create and define your employee value proposition, the first step is to identify the key elements, benefits, and positive attributes of the brand that your employees highlight. What do your employees value about working for the company? This insight can support hiring managers, marketing, and communications team in attracting and retaining talent through various communications and campaigns. Employers can gain these insights through surveys and focus groups to ensure credibility in statements and employee insights. If your business promotes flexibility, communicate what this specifically means to your employees and how it adds value.