10 Renewable Energy Jobs Taking Over the Industry

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As the world continues to seek more sustainable ways of living, with many countries striving to reach zero net carbon in the foreseeable future, the reliance on renewables and clean energy solutions grow stronger. The demand for a shift to renewable energy resources is accompanied by the demand for skilled individuals who can help implement change and drive the world toward a sustainable future. With increased investment within the renewable industry, we delve into today's top renewable energy jobs.

We will breakdown the top roles in the below niches of the renewable energy industry:

• Hydrogen
• Wind Energy
• Solar Energy

Explore the top renewable energy jobs taking over the industry below.

Hydrogen Jobs

Technical Product Manager

A Technical Product Manager is someone responsible for the success of a product. They possess a strong technical background that's usually focused on the more technical aspects of the product. Technical Product Managers work closely with an organisation's development, engineering, and infrastructure teams. A Product Manager should have technical expertise in their chosen field as well as commercial awareness so that they can market the product.

Technical Product Manager job responsibilities include:

• Discover and understand client needs and translate them into requirements.
• Ability to work with internal teams, including engineers, developers, and operations, to ensure plans are understood and implemented to the correct standard.
• Conduct market research to assess and seek feedback on company products. They can also use this knowledge to make recommendations on new technologies to invest in.
• Provide internal and client training on how to use products to their full capacity.
• Assess product risk and formulate sustainable solutions.

Technical Product Managers need high levels of data analysis skills, excellent communication skills, teamwork abilities, and experience in product roadmap development. They are crucial in bringing product technicalities in line with the market standards and are essential to product-based businesses. The ideal candidate would possess extensive industry experience and a fountain of technical knowledge.

Design Engineer

Design Engineers are involved in project concept, design, development and management. They possess high-level technical knowledge and skills such as problem-solving, communication and project management. Mathematical expertise and design skills are also vital to succeeding in the role.

Design Engineer Job Responsibilities Include:

• Develop client relationships to understand their needs and requirements.
• Analyse existing projects and develop ways to make improvements.
• Develop effective plans to ensure projects are delivered on time, to the required standard, and within budget.
• Effective communication with clients, colleagues and contractors who are involved in projects.
• Writing technical reports to summarise findings.

Design Engineers possess excellent project management, problem-solving and communication skills. A route into Design Engineering is possible for both graduates and school leavers. Graduates will need a degree in a relevant engineering discipline such as design engineering, mechanical engineering and product design engineering. For school leavers, apprenticeships and school leaver training programmes are available. The role has excellent career progression, with the potential to be promoted to a senior design engineer or move into project management or leadership roles.


Hydrologists plan, develop and implement sustainable natural and domestic water usage. Responsible for finding cost-effective ways to supply water on mass scales, the Hydrologist's job is to ensure water flows through the necessary channels such as pipes by the most efficient means possible. Hydrologists are in high demand in the renewables space. From monitoring, managing, and ultimately being accountable for commercial and environmental water resources.

Hydrologists' job responsibilities include:

• Manage the water supply of a specific area
• Track and estimate water usage and drainage
• Plan responses to certain weather conditions, including droughts and floods of reservoirs and rivers
• Audit and analyse water quality
• Liaise with external water regulators, governing bodies and consultants

Hydrologists are logical and methodical thinkers with excellent communication skills. Water supply businesses commonly employ talent within this renewables niche, government and environmental bodies and universities in need of research and teaching support. With a degree in geology, ecology, civil and environmental engineering or other physical science, the role of a Hydrologist can progress into senior positions such as project management.

Wind Energy Jobs

Offshore Project Manager

Offshore Project Managers organise the construction of a wind project to ensure it is completed on schedule and within budget. They oversee the project from the initial site selection to the final installation of turbines. They are also involved in contractual negotiations of projects and business development for the company. Offshore Project Managers must be familiar with all areas of wind plant development, from budgeting, health and safety, site selection, and environmental studies, to the construction and transportation of wind turbines. With increasing demand and attractive earning potential, Offshore Project Management has become a desirable career choice.

Offshore Projects Manager's job responsibilities include:

• Manage the design, engineering and construction of wind energy projects.
• Establish a cohesive plan for each project execution phase, including design, engineering, and construction, covering staffing, budget, and recruitment.
• Conduct project meetings with management, clients, and subcontractors to confirm and communicate the status of the project plan, schedule, budget, and activities.
• Provide support to engineering, development, legal, and operations departments.
• Support the business development for new offshore opportunities.

Offshore Project Managers must possess a Project Management qualification such as a bachelor's degree, PMP or PMI. They should also have highly developed management and leadership skills with an ability to prioritise workload and delegate tasks effectively. High standards of written and communication skills are also an essential requirement. Successful candidates will play a crucial role in developing sustainable renewable energy sources.

Wind Turbine Technician

Wind Turbine Technicians attend to any maintenance and repair work on wind turbines as and when required. In addition, wind Turbine Technicians will conduct regular checks on onshore and offshore wind farms to ensure wind turbines operate as expected. From electrical and mechanical repairs to testing and monitoring the performance of a wind turbine, talent within this role is instrumental in the day-to-day efficiencies of wind turbines across the globe.

The job responsibilities of a Wind Turbine Technician include:

• Carrying out electrical and mechanical repairs.
• Conducting routine checks and inspections
• Monitoring wind turbine performance
• Supervising junior employees and maintenance staff
• Abiding by health and safety procedures and industry regulations

Often employed by wind turbine companies and manufacturers, Wind Turbine Technician jobs require the individual to have completed mechanical engineering or electrical-related qualifications - along with a well-regarded industry qualification such as a Wind Turbine Technician qualification (SCQF Level 6). With the ability to work individually or in a team in varying weather conditions, Wind Turbine Technicians have the exciting prospect of working all over the world.

Offshore Cabling Engineer

Offshore Cable Engineers are responsible for the specification, design and delivery of cable systems for offshore wind projects. Engineers will ensure that deliveries are in line with environmental and health and safety standards, quality standards, and within project schedule and cost objectives. Offshore Cabling Engineers are vital in the building of offshore wind projects and have the opportunity to use their talent to define the future of renewable energy.

Offshore Cabling Engineer job responsibilities:

• Identify and communicate health, safety, and environmental risks.
• Support the development of offshore wind farms system design, cable layouts and sizing.
• Build and maintain strong relationships with key suppliers.
• Budget management of contracts with responsibility for the accurate cost and schedule forecasting.
• Provide technical training to junior team members.

Offshore Cabling Engineers should hold a degree in an electrical engineering-related discipline with extensive experience in cable systems design and delivery. This position will allow a successful candidate to work in an ever-evolving industry that offers job opportunities worldwide.

Solar Energy Jobs

PV Field Service Technician

PV Field Service Technicians provide on-site support to clients with solar PV and storage systems to ensure that outstanding levels of safety, quality and performance are achieved. Technicians work closely with Engineering, Sales, Customer Service, Product Line Management, and Facilities teams to provide clients with a first-class customer experience.

PV Field Service Technician job responsibilities:

• Provide diagnostic testing and diagnostics of system performance.
• Complete system maintenance, providing reports and paperwork.
• Provide high-quality client experience based on their needs and requirements.
• Participate in regular Health and Safety training.
• Maintain standards of tool management.

As a field-based job, PV Field Service Technicians are required to travel regularly, with many companies providing a company vehicle. Candidates are expected to be approved electricians and possess qualifications in health and safety and inspection and testing. Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail are highly desirable skills. PV Field Technicians are instrumental in creating a future where everyone can access affordable, zero-carbon energy.

Material Scientist

Material Scientists will research, analyse, examine and study the chemical properties of various materials to determine how valuable they are for converting solar power into renewable energy. From alloys, ceramics, metals, rubbers and polymers, a Material Scientist will see how certain materials can fit into new and existing renewable energy products. Ultimately, a Material Scientist will find the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions.

Material Scientist job responsibilities include:

• Analysing the properties of different materials to determine their value to renewable energy products
• Test the effects of materials to confirm the feasibility
• Advising manufacturers with the materials to develop or enhance new and existing models
• Discover ways of strengthening or combining certain materials being used for the products
• Create technical guides for scientists or people who will implement the materials into the product

Typical employers of Material Scientists include aerospace, medical device, transport, electronics and nanotech companies in need of renewable energy enhancements for their products. Material Scientist jobs require individuals to have a materials science-related degree. People in this line of work are excellent decision-makers and creative thinkers. Therefore, individuals in this role can expect fantastic career progression within the niche field of renewables.

PV Design Engineer

PV Design Engineers are responsible for successfully implementing project design, engineering, permitting, interconnection and procurement for Solar Photovoltaic projects. In addition, the Engineer will work alongside experienced teams to develop customised solar panels for use in homes, schools and other commercial installations. This role is ideal for those passionate about renewable energy and carbon reduction who want a career in an ever-expanding industry.

PV Design Engineer job responsibilities include:

• Liaise with clients to ensure that designs meet their specific requirements.
• Produce designs which meet health and safety requirements.
• Closely following briefs to ensure designs meet required specifications.
• Work alongside fellow PV Design Engineers and internal operations teams throughout project development and implementation.
• Troubleshoot any design and construction issues that occur in the field.

Typically employers are looking for candidates with an Engineering degree and or significant experience within the Engineering industry. A passion for renewable energies will give potential candidates an advantage. PV Design Engineers also have excellent professional communication and interpersonal skills and are keen on personal development and career progression.

Solar PV Project Developer

Solar PV Project Developers are responsible for providing a critical link between the functions of engineering, procurement and construction.

Solar PV Project Developer job responsibilities include:

• Securing land rights, interconnection rights, building permits and tax agreements
• Working with stakeholders throughout the pre construction phase including; engineering, finance and commercial
• Act as a lead project sponsor for projects, ensuring time scales are adhered to alongside successful financing and construction of projects
• Combine the best technologies and sites to create effective solar energy solutions for clients
• Maintain up to date knowledge of emerging solar technologies

Employers within Solar PV are looking for candidates who typically hold an Engineering degree, or a degree related to science or finance. Solar PV Project Developers who have great networking, stakeholder management and extensive negotiation skills are highly desirable. Having a keen interest and passion for the renewable energy industry is key, alongside advanced cost/benefit analysis skills and strong management skills.

Careers in Renewable Energy

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