Supply Chain Manager


The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for ensuring the right products are delivered to the right locat..."> Supply Chain Manager


The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for ensuring the right products are delivered to the right locat..." /> Supply Chain Manager


The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for ensuring the right products are delivered to the right locat...">

Supply Chain Manager

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Supply Chain Manager


The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for ensuring the right products are delivered to the right location on time, to the quality required and in the most cost-effective way. This position oversees the distribution and transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. Additional responsibilities may include planning and overseeing the whole process or part of the chain and responsibility for the warehouse.


  • Develop and execute regional and designated countries' logistics in line with global strategies and regulations.
  • Implement global standards and structures, receive strategic direction, and provide regional and country input ensuring global awareness of local needs.
  • Drive actions to improve inventory.
  • Ensure full utilization of ERP/MRP planning function by regional supply chain members.
  • Participate in and support global initiatives and projects, ensuring active input from regional/country perspective.
  • Ensure synergies with other local business initiatives are captured and leveraged.
  • Plan, manage and evaluate logistics operations consulting with internal stakeholders, suppliers, logistics providers, transportation companies and customers.
  • Create and implement best practice logistics principles, policies, and processes across the organization to improve operational and financial performance.
  • Deliver solutions to logistics problems while maintaining high levels of quality and service within budgetary requirements.
  • Monitor quality, quantity, delivery times, and transport costs.
  • Negotiate rates and contracts with transportation and logistics, outsourced warehouses, and freight providers.
  • Recommend optimal transport modes, routes, or frequency.
  • Select carriers/suppliers and monitor service against performance criteria.
  • Ensure carrier compliance with company policies or procedures for product transit or delivery.
  • Resolve problems concerning transportation, logistics systems, imports or exports or customer issues.
  • Review impact of logistics changes, such as routing, shipping modes, product volumes or carriers, and report results to others.
  • Assess and make recommendations in potential new facilities or plants and advise of cost implications and efficiency.
  • Support continuous improvement initiatives, identify inefficiencies, and cost optimization opportunities.
  • Ensure the integrity of inventory accuracy (including cycle counting) and manage stock movements with the help of direct reports.
  • Identify and resolve inventory discrepancies and reconcile inventory and system records.
  • Track slow moving and obsolete stock.
  • Identify savings by removing waste or unnecessary steps in the logistics process.
  • Interpret trends and analyze data, providing meaningful logistics data to aid customer service and cost improvements.
  • Ensure IT systems in place are effective, maintained, and accurate.
  • Ensure metrics, reports and process documentation is available.
  • Arrange warehouse set up and layout at all locations.
  • Responsible for strategic and tactical planning of all freight (sea, road, and air) within the designated region and countries.
  • Responsible for monthly reporting files, SI&OP, forecast, etc.


  • Manage, coach, and develop a high performing team that meets agreed objectives and delivers best practice results, added value and continuous improvements.
  • Set departmental objectives/key performance indicators (KPIs) and regularly assess performance of direct reports.
  • Report on target achievement and identify actions required.
  • Ensure all functions under supervision operate in accordance with health, safety and environmental policies and procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and visitors.

Financial Budget and Control

  • Responsible for departmental budget.

Relationship Management

  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with all connected with the logistics process.
  • Ensure completed orders are dispatched on time.
  • Ensure products are shipped appropriately to ensure quality of goods during transportation.
  • Manage packaging and provide appropriate, cost-effective, high-quality solutions.
  • Oversee labelling accuracy to ensure correct parts/finished assemblies reach correct customers at the correct time.
  • Ensure compliance with import/export regulations/customs regulations and legal and health and safety requirements.
  • Support new business initiatives and projects and contribute to review meetings and change process.
  • Ensure effective logistics implementation takes place relating to the change.

Subordinated Positions: Logistic Analyst, Material Planner, Transport & Logistics Coordinator, Order Management Specialist, Logistics Supervisor Internal, Production Planner, Customs Clearance Officer, Warehouse Supervisor, Warehouse Manager


  • Educational Level: (-) Senior Bachelor Level / (+) Experienced Master Level
  • Professional Experience: (-) 5-7 years of relevant experience / (+) 6-8 years of relevant experience
  • Leadership Level: Leading/managing Others

Harry Rayfield Principal Consultant - Construction Equipment
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