Diversity and Inclusion within Construction [Infographic]

6 min

Bianca Yorke-Davies, one of CSG Talent’s Managing Consultants in Construction and Engineering, recently surveyed 100 females within the industry to gain an insight into the lack of Diversity and Inclusion within the Building, Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure sectors and in particular the challenges faced by female talent.

Our findings, highlighted below, provide a stark reminder of the huge challenge faced by the industry to address this problem. We’d be interested to hear your views on what you believe can be done to improve the lack of Diversity and Inclusion within these sectors? Developing and attracting senior-level female leadership is one of the ways, but what else is being done to address this by leading organisations in the sector? What should the industry bodies be championing, and do you believe these initiatives are likely to have a tangible impact in the near future?

Bianca is a specialist when it comes to attracting and retaining female leaders within construction and has a proven track record of results within the industry. She works with businesses to identify diversity talent gaps, showcases case studies of benefits because of diversity and works with the companies to enable them to retain these candidates.

CSG has also partnered with the #Top100Woman (Construction) who recognise industry employers that take equality seriously and support the growth and retention of female staff within the construction sector. Which provides a more balanced workplace and numerous benefits.

Are you a hiring manager in the construction sector and feel that you could do with an equality review? Contact Bianca for helpful guidance on how some small changes can positivity impact your female attraction strategy.