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Over the last two years, CSG Talent's specialist recruitment consultants have experienced restrictions with global travel due to Covid, alike many other industries. This has impacted our consultants connecting in person with other offices across the globe, and meeting clients and candidates face to face internationally, something which was a key part of the consultant role prior to the pandemic.

In recent months, it’s been positive to see many of our teams hit the road (and air) and attending in-person events, networking, and meetings with clients again.

Construction Equipment Recruitment at CSG Talent 

Adam Raybould is Head of Construction Equipment at CSG Talent, he recently travelled to Atlanta, Georgia where he was able to meet with his existing clients in-person. As a result, he secured 8 new roles to work on exclusively. Meeting in person gave Adam a much better understanding of his clients organisations, people and culture and crucial insights to pass on to candidates, the majority of which must relocate to join the business, so this first-hand experience is highly beneficial. While away, Adam spent several days at various sites and also had the opportunity to view the local housing market, giving him in-depth knowledge of the relocation process for his candidates.

The opportunity for international travel is one of the key reasons Adam chose to join CSG Talent some time ago. “Having the opportunity to travel through work is one of the main reasons I chose to join CSG Talent. I love travelling and combining that with my role is a fantastic experience. It enables me to chance to explore different cultures, countries and food! While it also enhances my role, my knowledge and builds on my market expertise, so it’s great for business!

As a manager, taking my team on trips overseas is a fantastic opportunity for them and incredibly valuable. It gives them the opportunity to do something unique, building their knowledge in a new market and allowing them to develop as consultants. We have plans to travel to the US again in the coming months, with several trips to Europe and China also in the pipeline.”

HVAC/R Recruitment at CSG Talent

David Duggan, Principal Consultant in HVAC Recruitment travelled to Las Vegas earlier this year to attend AHR Expo, the largest HVAC exhibition in the world. It was a great opportunity for David to network with clients and candidates he has worked with in recent years within the HVAC sector. With restrictions on face-to-face interaction in the last couple of years, Dave was able to represent CSG Talent in the US in person which is highly beneficial to building relationships and presence of the brand overseas and present himself as a truly global specialist within HVAC and Distribution.

Attending global events allows our team of experts to gain deeper insights to latest industry trends and market insights, which clients and candidates find extremely valuable.

Renewable Energy and Clean Technology at CSG Talent

Dom Ridley, Head of Renewable Energy at CSG Talent has embarked on several trips to Europe in recent months, with a trip to Munich in May. During the trip, Dom met with both existing and prospect clients, as well as attending the Intersolar Trade Show.

We asked Dom what it means for him and the Renewable Energy Team at CSG Talent now they are able to travel overseas without restrictions:

“To meet in person with clients, put names to faces and attend meetings with HR And Hiring Managers allows us to learn more about businesses, their culture, work environment and their products. Not only that, but we’re also able to gain insight and increased understanding of the movement and evolution of the market and the direction it is heading.

Face to face interaction enhances my role, it’s easier to sell the services we offer at CSG Talent and how we differentiate ourselves from others in our field. It’s easier to build rapport and leave a lasting memory with clients, prospects, and candidates when meeting in person.

Dom added; “Allowing my team the opportunity to travel as part of their role is fantastic and is something not all recruiters are able to experience. It gives them great exposure to the market and supports their own personal development.”

CSG Talent are global talent experts, operating across a range of industry sectors worldwide. If you’re keen to explore a career in recruitment, get in touch with Steph Rae, our Head of Recruitment Academy. Alternatively, if you have experience in recruitment or executive search and looking to take on a new opportunity, please reach out to Miriam Pedersen-Smith, Head of Talent.

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