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Delivering exceptional senior level talent

Industry's Emerging and Proven Leaders

CSG Talent are experts in executive search. We place senior level candidates in roles in over 60 countries across specialist industry sectors. We leverage our longevity in the market, our niche networks and the knowledge and expertise of our specialist consultants to find and secure emerging and proven leaders across industries, from senior management to C-suite.

A Partnership-Led Recruitment Service

Our focus is on becoming talent partners, providing valuable insight into the talent landscape within your industry in order to attract and secure the right talent for your organisation and support your talent acquisition strategy in the way that is right for you.

CSG Talent's Executive Search Process

We are dedicated to not only extensively sourcing and evaluating exceptional talent in your industry, but to become brand ambassadors for your organisation, communicating the unique opportunity you are providing.

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  1. STEP 1

    We invest the time in understanding your organisation's strategic challenges, your organisational culture, your detailed requirements and the impact the role needs to have. Our specialist consultants provide detailed market insights and recommendations to ensure we are taking the best approach to fulfil your talent requirements.

  2. STEP 2
    Candidate Identification & Engagement

    We use a range of techniques to ensure we have taken an exhaustive approach in identifying the stand out talent; leveraging our industry networks, conducting talent mapping and headhunting and utilising social media searches and advertising to expand our headhunt targets. We ensure every conversation with candidates is meaningful; we comprehensively get to know them, understanding if they are a good fit for the role within your organisation. Becoming your brand ambassadors ensures we engage relevant candidates.

  3. STEP 3
    Candidate Assessment & Shortlisting

    We conduct detailed candidate evaluations prior to presenting candidates to you; in this process we identify strengths but also development areas. We take the time to understand key candidate drivers, motivations, and preferred cultural fit for their next move. We ensure we provide candidates with a full overview of the role to ensure we have full commitment and they are completely bought in.

  4. STEP 4
    Managing The Interview Process

    We are focused on ensuring an effective and efficient interview process for you and your stakeholders, providing detailed two-way feedback afterwards. We coordinate all meetings, maintain engagement with the candidate and manage expectations throughout to ensure an exceptional candidate experience and take away the hassle from you.

  5. STEP 5
    Managing The Selection & Offer Process

    This critical stage requires careful management to ensure a successful outcome for everyone. We ensure salary and package expectations have been discussed throughout the process and you are made aware of any restrictions so there is complete transparency for all parties. We provide support and guidance to the candidate to ensure a smooth resignation process.

  6. STEP 6
    Post Placement

    With a focus on building long term partnerships, ensuring a successful long-lasting placement is highly important to us. We maintain contact with you and the candidate to ensure as smooth a transition as possible and to ensure the candidate is making the impact you require.

Why Partner with CSG Talent

CSG Talent is driven by industry expertise. Our longevity and immersion in specialist markets is what ultimately enables us to deliver exceptional talent, allows us to seamlessly operate globally, become strategic talent partners to our clients and build strong candidate relationships.

We are judged by the talent we secure, so we are tenacious in our approach to presenting you with the very best emerging and proven leaders. We push that bit harder to identify and engage with talent, finding hard-to-reach candidates through constantly networking and expertly headhunting passive candidates.

We recognise that senior-level roles are critical to organisational success, so our ability to operate at pace to fill them is key. Our closeness to the market and continually engaging with exceptional talent, leveraging our niche networks and industry knowledge, allows us to act rapidly to meet your challenges.

We understand that each client challenge is unique. Rather than expecting you to adhere to a rigid, lengthy process, we take a much more flexible approach, working dynamically based on your requirements. Each client relationship matters to us and we work hard to go the extra mile.

We pride ourselves on the strong partnerships we build, which results in many clients using us for multiple years. Immersing ourselves in your business is key, as is developing strong personal relationships. This allows us to become consultative talent partners, inputting into your strategic talent plans.

By investing time in fully understanding your organisational vision, goals and culture, we utilise this knowledge to deliver the exact brand messages you want. We engage candidates with the unique opportunity you are providing, ensuring we act as an extension of your business.

Experts around the world

Every executive search consultant here at CSG Talent is a specialist in their vertical market; utilising their networks to guide the recruitment process and find the perfect candidates for their clients.

Meet Our Experts
Georgina Warburton
Dom Ridley
Henry Shackleton
Christina Theoklitou Panagiotou
David Macdonald
Lexie Stratford

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