CSG Talent attend SPACE 2022 – Animal Health and Nutrition

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Jemma Snow, Principal Consultant at CSG Talent is an experienced recruiter within Animal Health and Nutrition. Recently, Jemma had the opportunity to attend Space event based in Rennes, France where she had the chance to network with clients and candidates within her market, as well as attend in-person meetings with many connections she has only met through virtual means.

SPACE is a professional agricultural exhibition for all animal breeding stakeholders: bovine (dairy and beef), poultry, pig, rabbits, sheep, goat, and fish farming sector. A complete offer in animal feed and nutrition, farm buildings, genetics, animal health, milking energy, livestock effluent treatment, organic production... Innov'Space rewards the latest innovations in the animal production. A high-level quality of competitions and presentations in animal genetics. Espace for the future, a unique and pioneering exhibition zone. VIP reception for international visitors and B-to-B meetings.

What made SPACE 2022 such a great event to attend?

“Besides making some fantastic new connections with potential clients and candidates, I was able to meet people in person after talking with them virtually for some time. Hearing the latest industry trends and insights allowed me to build a greater understanding of how the livestock and breeding market is currently shaping, especially within the US and Europe. I also had the pleasure of witnessing some of the very best animals in the world compete for the top prizes – a few of which use my clients’ products which was great to see!

Again, these events are always a fantastic opportunity to represent CSG Talent as a brand ambassador, sharing my own insights with other attendees and exhibitors at the event.”

What are the latest trends within Animal Health and Nutrition?

Jemma has built up years of experience working within this market, working across livestock through to pets and exotic animals. To effectively support her clients with their business growth plans, and candidates with their career journey, she stays up to date with latest trends, developments, and challenges in the market.

“In addition to hearing from some of the more established global agricultural and livestock players, it was wonderful to talk with some of the newer organisations in the industry, which bring with them new ideas and approaches.

This year was the first appearance of the Jersey cow at Space, and it was an opportunity for the breed to be in the spotlight and to discover its many interesting features. The Jersey breed is becoming more and more popular. Even though the breed is associated more with organic farming, some stockraisers want to convert their herd to improve the protein quality of the milk for better added value. Milk prices can increase to €100/1000 litres. The Jersey cow is a small efficient animal. The breed has a huge ingestion capability compared to its live weight. It is also adaptable, aggressive at the trough, at home in pasture, easy to house (saving building space) and curious.

One of the enormous challenges of this time is replacing retiring farmers often in a situation where the two generations do not share the same vision of the future.

Other anxieties were concerned both by current affairs such as inflation as well as by more basic things on the farm like human resources, finances, and work experience. Organisations spoke about having to adapt processes because of increased costs. Many businesses are streamlining activities and processes to reduce outgoings. They are looking at other ways to offset their rising costs, rather than just passing them on to the consumer by raising the price of their products.

With all these changes taking place it is no wonder that Agricultural, Livestock and Animal Health & Nutrition organisations are continuing to search for the best people in the business to join their teams and help them overcome these hurdles and look to the future – which is where I, and CSG Talent, come in. We can work with organisations to leave no stone unturned to source the best talent on a Global scale.

How important are events like Space to your role?

“By attending events like this, I demonstrate my genuine passion and interest for the Animal Health and Nutrition industry to clients and candidates. Individuals like to know that you are truly interested in them, their organisation, and their wider profession.

Being an extrovert, I really do get my energy from other people and Space was a great opportunity for this. People invest in people like them, in people they like. I differentiate myself from others in my field as a recruitment partner, not only do I have strong knowledge of my market and continue to expand this, but I work closely in partnership with passion, integrity, and honesty.”

Animal Health and Nutrition at CSG Talent

Jemma is an experienced recruiter within the Animal Health and Nutrition market, where she works with newly developed start-up organisations right through to global enterprises. Not only does Jemma have vast recruitment strategy experience and an in-depth knowledge of her market, but she also has a genuine interest and passion for animals herself.

Jemma offers Animal Health recruitment solutions over a wide variety of roles:

Technical: New Product Development, Animal Nutritionists, Veterinary Technical Advisors, Clinical specialists – Veterinary Surgeons & Nurses, Regulatory Affairs

Sales: Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Export Managers, Sales Executives

Marketing: Brand/Product Managers, Digital Executives, Marketing Managers, Marketing Executive’s, Content Marketing Specialists, Events related roles

Managerial: VP’s, CEO’s

“Having grown up in what I can only describe as a “mini zoo” I've always had an interest in Animal Health and Nutrition. I’m passionate about helping people to progress their careers in this industry. I love the clients I work with, and I aim to make sure no stone is left unturned so that our clients will always have every option presented to them. I’m excited to see how Animal Health and Nutrition will continue to develop over the coming years.”

If you're keen to hear more insights from Jemma about the Animal Health and Nutrition market, exploring a potential new role, or if you are keen to engage with an experienced recruiter to support your hiring strategy, click here.