Attracting Top Talent in a Skill Short Renewable and Clean Energy Market

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With improved funding, investments and government initiatives, the renewable energy sector is experiencing a rapid period of growth. There is an increased presence of start-ups and developers within the renewable and clean energy sector which has resulted in an abundance of openings within organisations, seeking experienced energy professionals.

The World needs sustainable energy sources, but with that, the businesses striving to provide that energy source also need a sustainable talent pool and future leaders. We look at the challenges in achieving this and solutions to help you keep ahead of the curve and attract top talent in a skill short market.

The renewable energy skill shortage

At CSG Talent, we recognise there is a definite skill shortage in the renewable energy space where organisations and developers are struggling to attract the right talent to their business. The jobs market is driven by candidates, now more than ever before.

The jobs market is driven by candidates, now more than ever before.

Recruitment has always been a two-way process, with employers considering and interviewing candidates for their roles, and candidates assessing employers on fit and preference to them as an individual. In the challenging market we find ourselves in, there is greater emphasis on candidates choosing you as an employer, rather than them choosing you. Candidates have increased power.

Businesses have experienced difficulties attracting talent in all sub-sectors across the renewable energy space including solar, wind, clean technology, and energy storage. There are specific areas within renewable energy where we have noticed clients experience increased challenges in sourcing and attracting the right talent to their business. Businesses who invest in and develop renewable assets are constantly seeking professionals with a strong development portfolio. Equipment manufacturers are struggling to find proven Sales professionals that can break new markets or expand current customer bases and EPC firms are fighting over each other for credible PMs and Engineers to fulfil their workloads.

Impact of skill shortage in the renewable energy sector

Despite the challenges to attract top talent and the right skill set, many organisations are not adapting their approach to hiring. This is having an impact on the ability to not only attract new talent but to retain existing talent.

The renewable energy team at CSG Talent are seeing pro-longed interview processes with significantly more interview stages and multiple decision makers involved throughout. This makes it increasingly difficult for candidates to make a great impression and involves a great deal of time for candidates to put aside for interviews.

When organisations meet with a strong and well-suited candidate, they are continuing to meet with others for comparisons. Previously, this was a standard part of the recruitment process to ensure businesses made the right decision with new hires. In the market we find ourselves in, organisations need to move quicker with their recruitment process to ensure the top candidates do not take opportunities with competitors with a more efficient and less time-consuming process.

With organisations engaging with multiple recruiters and executive search firms, many are working on the same position, speaking with the same pool of candidates. This dramatically impacts the candidate experience and the appeal of the client’s employer brand. Having an exclusive partnership with an executive search firm enhances the experience for both candidate and client and ensures a successful hiring process.

Having an exclusive partnership with an executive search firm enhances the experience for both candidate and client and ensures a successful hiring process.

What organisations need to do to ensure they overcome the challenges of the skill shortage in renewable energy

Now is the time for organisations to evaluate their existing hiring strategy and recruitment process, establish what works well, and what is preventing them in attracting high calibre talent. Organisations then need to adapt their approach to overcome the current challenges in a skill-short market.

Our team have highlighted the key areas to focus on to ensure organisations can attract and retain high quality talent:

  • Evaluate your work environment, working practice and the level of flexibility you can offer your employees. Ensure you can accommodate the needs of employees to ensure the optimum productivity, value, and engagement they have in their role and with the company.
  • Reduce your time to hire by streamlining your recruitment process and making it more efficient. Avoid missing out on top talent by moving quickly when interviewing quality candidates and establish the most effective hiring process for your organisation. If there are stages that can be eliminated to reduce the length of time to hire, without compromising on the quality of your recruitment process, it is advisable to do so in the current market.
  • Effectively sell yourself as an opportunity. It’s not just about a potential hire demonstrating how they can add value to your business. Employers need to emphasise how they can add value to an individual in their role, career development and ultimately their life. The market has dramatically shifted in the last 24 months, and it has resulted in working professionals having the confidence to seek more from an employer. Ensure you have a strong understanding of candidate motivations, the benefits that appeal for varying demographics and the entire offer and opportunity available. The full employee experience is more important than it ever has been, and organisations need to ensure they remain competitive in all aspects to appeal to top talent.
  • Be transparent with your brand, culture, and business model. What can you offer a potential hire in terms of long-term development and progression in the company? What is the management structure like and what type of management style is prominent? Effectively communicate your values, vision, and the direction the business is going and aspiring to be. It’s a great sell to work in the renewable energy sector where there are so many positives in environmental impact and making a difference. Selling this to candidates who can align to those values and contribute to a more efficient and green future is a big advantage.
  • Sharpen up your interview skills and approach. Ensure you are asking the right questions for the role, for the current company position and growth plans. Listen to candidate needs, priorities and preferences. Can you meet their needs? Will adapting result in more value for the organisation?
  • Engage with an experienced recruiter who has an in-depth knowledge of your industry sector. An expert within executive search who understands the renewable energy market will have a large network of professionals in the field, be aware of market movements, candidate motivations and will be able to effectively offer solutions and an alternative approach to hiring to combat market challenges.

Working with CSG Talent

At CSG Talent, we pride ourselves on the strong, long-standing relationships we build with our clients and our candidates within the renewable energy sector. We have an in-depth knowledge of market movements, business structures and roles within some of the leading renewable energy organisations, alongside candidate preferences and motivations. Our team have great understanding of the culture, workplace environment, branding, salary, and benefit packages which allows us to educate and guide clients on the best offerings to appeal to candidates, and ensure they remain competitive.

Quote from Grant Mcintyre - Consultant

The jobs market has shifted, and employers need to place great resource and focus on attracting talent. Recruiting experienced talent in the renewable energy sector is key to growing your business, it’s crucial to demonstrate a positive and appealing candidate experience. By working with a specialist  renewable energy recruitment consultant,  they can effectively become your ‘brand ambassadors’, helping you sell your business, your values and what you offer to benefit and develop potential hires, all of which are imperative in driving your business forward and achieving success.

If you’re keen to act and create an effective hiring strategy to attract talent in the renewable energy sector, get in touch with one of our renewable energy recruitment consultants for a confidential conversation.