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Data Centres & IT Infrastructure

The dramatic growth of the Data Centre industry has been driven by an increased awareness of the need for secure and robust IT environments and an increased reliance on the digital economy. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this even further, wih pressing needs to boost performance, flexibility and security.

However the Data Centre talent shortage looms large, with many organizations struggling to find and retain skilled staff to manage critical infrastructure. The current workforce supply isn't keeping pace with demand, with predictions indicating this will continue for the foreseeable future.

The organizations that will win in the sector will be those who focus their business model on people as their most valuable assets. It requires organizations to think and act in new ways to attract the next generation of leaders and technically skilled talent. 

CSG Talent have a strong heritage within the Data Centre industry, experiencing the transformation and challenges of the industry for many years. We have worked in close partnership with multiple leading organizations to help them adjust their talent strategies, to think differently about the talent pool and ultimately find the talent they need that will be the differentiator. We have placed senior level leadership and engineering data centre roles across Europe, US and APAC.

Data Centres & IT Infrastructure Recruitment Specialists

CSG's specialist Data centres recruitment consultants cover several markets within the industry and recruit cross-functionally within these markets, covering a range of senior level roles

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