Overcoming Common Misconceptions and Challenges within the Sales Function

Taahir Patel

By Taahir Patel

Overcoming Common Misconceptions and Challenges within the Sales Function 

In this episode of Conversations with CSG, Taahir Patel – Principal Consultant in Life Science & Diagnostics sits down with Harrison Waid – Founder of Succession, where he delves into the successful career journey of Harrison, the common challenges faced by sales professionals and misconceptions about the sales function.

Throughout the episode, we touch on how Harrisons initial interest in sales stemmed from his love for sport and competitive nature, he has a real passion for the problem-solving aspect of sales. Both him and Taahir highlight the importance of understanding that sales is about asking the right questions and tailoring solutions to customer needs and delve into common perceptions of the industry which can often be inaccurate.

Podcast Host: Taahir Patel

Taahir is a seasoned recruitment consultant operating broadly within the Life Sciences industry, identifying and placing exceptional talent in a range of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. He typically partners with smaller Biotech companies, successfully filling their leadership roles (Director to C-Level ), but also works with some medium to large companies to deliver a range of recruitment needs.

“The more I researched the industry the more I became interested in and passionate about it, so recruiting in this sector ticks all the boxes for me! I get to work with a great team as part of a market-leading company, and I get to partner with some incredible clients. The work they do is fascinating and I’m continually learning, even after all this time. The candidates I work with are awe-inspiring, and to help them find their dream jobs and progress in their careers is so rewarding. I’ve built a great network of the best candidates over the years, and I feel proud to support and be part of such an important, progressive and fast-paced industry.”

If you are looking for a bespoke recruitment solution for your business, if you are considering a career move in the Biotech sector or you're keen to discuss the topics discussed in this episode of Conversations with CSG, get in touch with Taahir.

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