Australian Mining Engineer Skill Shortage 2020 Report


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Australian Mining Engineer Skill Shortage 2020 - Download the report to read all the insight

It is well known across the Mining industry that there is a tangible shortage of specialist skills within the sector. To understand the extent of this challenge CSG Talent’s Australian mining team have carried out a detailed research piece, in collaboration with our global network of contacts, to uncover the future issues that the industry is facing. Within the report we aim to provide details on the following:

  • Mining Engineer salary levels (across all levels) 
  • Mining Engineer average salary based on territory
  • Average salary per sector in mining 
  • Where Mining Engineers are located across Australia 
  • An understanding of the years of experience professionals have across the industry 
  • All detailed alongside much more insightful information 

CSG Talent has placed numerous roles for engineers and geologists around the world over the years. Many of these have been Australian residents or citizens working in Australia either on FIFO or Residential assignments (depending on the part of the country they choose to work). Over the years there seems to have been a see-saw correlation between the number of skilled individuals needed by the industry vs the number of opportunities within the discipline. Although the issue affects the whole of the Mining industry, the biggest area for this change has been seen within Mining engineering.

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