Why You Should Consider a Recruitment Career In Australia

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With a less saturated market, a simplified visa criteria and more career opportunities, Australia is the ideal location to build a recruitment career.  

As a British expat myself I can say from experience, Australia offers a complete lifestyle change for the better. The relaxed lifestyle offers a good work/life balance, the warm weather encourages a healthier mindset and higher salaries mean we have more money to enjoy the finer things.

With 75% of our CSG Talent team here in Australia having moved from the UK, British recruiters continue to be an asset to CSG Talent's Australian offices and, as we continue to grow our teams in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, we are actively looking to attract experienced Australian and UK consultants alike to join our business.

How CSG Talent APAC Developed with Overseas Talent

When I started at CSG Talent in 2014, it was very much a UK-led operation, with the company originating from Leeds. The challenge that presented itself then was to build on the success of the UK brand whilst figuring out the nuances of a different culture and market. Coming from a corporate global background, I appreciated the flexibility and autonomy that we had to develop our own team, whilst being supported by a brand that was growing rapidly.

Being an incredibly transient industry, we looked to hire people who had a few years’ experience in a structured business, be it in the UK or Australia, who embraced more of an autonomous culture rather than the corporate large-scale business models. Our aim was to produce an inclusive management model, mirroring the success of our brand in the UK. Through no particular emphasis on our part, this type of outreach seemed to attract a large number of UK recruiters.

The Boom of UK Recruiters in Australia

Today, 75% of our teams in APAC office come from the UK and a large number of them have been working at CSG Talent for many years. As a company with global offices, we embrace and encourage relocation within the business and as a result we have taken on a number of successful consultants from our Leeds office and hope to do the same from Manchester and Dubai too.

Part of the attraction is obvious: months of sunshine, beaches on the doorstep and a laid-back culture all make the move incredibly enticing. The recruitment market is less saturated, allowing ambitious consultants more opportunity. Australia’s geography also supports higher client and candidate engagement; with only a handful of population centres, it’s easier to get in front of the people you need to.

Why CSG Talent APAC?

CSG Talent is very much about supporting the individual. That’s how we have maintained such high staff retention in Australia; we allow roles to be tailored to the individual’s experience and for them to take the lead in developing their market.

Whilst researching for this article, I asked a number of our consultants what their favourite thing about working for CSG Talent were. Answers included the inclusive culture, flexibility to shape their role around their lives, 4.5 day work weeks, high levels of support, clear and determined career path, and the feeling that, although we work in a sales environment, we have moved away from the target-driven focus and instead offer no thresholds on bonuses.

CSG Talent in Australia is continuing to grow across the country whether that be based in our Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide offices, or working remotely, like some of our employees on the Sunshine Coast do. We’ve seen experienced UK recruiters build successful markets out here and be afforded a lifestyle that’s hard to find elsewhere. Because of this, it is part of our internal talent strategy to reach out to experienced recruitment specialists who might be interested in a new challenge.

With that said, we are keen to continue growing our team of Australian nationals in this field, and, although this has been a strong focus for us, the rate of expansion and the difficulties in hiring Australian talent for the industry in general have encouraged us to move forward with a wider recruitment strategy that encompasses both national and international consultants.

We are seeking experienced recruiters to join our team. If you are from the UK, for VISA purposes, we are looking for consultants who either have a Bachelor degree with two years of full time experience OR 5 years of full time experience in recruitment. We are also looking for Australian consultants who have three years or more experience within Sales. If you are interested in a career within CSG Talent’s Australian division, please feel free to contact me for an informal discussion.

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