Top 10 Reasons To Use CSG As A Candidate

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As our testimonials confirm, candidates are frequently impressed at the service we offer. With the right phonecalls and some well-timed advice on the hiring process, we’ve seen many long and fruitless job searches turn into successful career moves in a very short space of time. But there are many recruiters who claim to be able to do the same. In a competitive hiring industry, what are the key benefits that set CSG apart from its competition?

1. Our Success Rate - With over 1,000 candidates placed in over 50 countries at 350 different client companies and a candidate success rate of 90%, we’ve got a track record which proves we know how to match people with roles they enjoy and excel within. We value both our clients’ and candidates’ ambitions and want both to be satisfied with the work we do. So you can rest assured that we’ll only put you forward for roles we think are tailor-made for your personality and skillset.                                        

2. Our Personal Approach - One of our core values at CSG, which characterises all of our dealings with clients and candidates alike, is that we are ‘People With Personality’. We know that recruitment isn’t a rote matter of matching skills and experience with role specifications, but is instead an important process of finding the right move for our candidates. This means we take the time to match candidates with roles based not only on their skills and experience, but also their personal value systems and motivations. These are unique to the individual, and so we take the time to get to know what makes each candidate tick before we begin our search. When these can be successfully matched, that is the best guarantee that a move will be successful.

3. We Look Beyond CVs – Our recruiters understand on an intimate level that the success of a new hire isn’t determined solely by skills and experience. Personality, character, and individual motivation all play an (increasingly large) part in a successful move. Frequently, we place candidates who might not tick all the boxes when it comes to skills and experience, but who we know have the right character for an opportunity. It’s then immensely rewarding to watch them go on to succeed.

4. Professional Representation - Having an experienced and reputable recruiter proactively market your profile on your behalf adds credibility to your applications. Having been through the process thousands of times before, our specialist consultant will know exactly how to narrow down on the key details of your profile and references, and can use their industry connections to pro-actively market this information to key decision makers. Plus, the feedback they can deliver to you is invaluable, from interview advice and review to niche information about the client, work environment, and hiring process.

5. Our International Network - With six global offices in such varied locations as Singapore, Sydney, Dubai and London, we know key figures in our specialist industries all over the world. That means we understand your industry and its hiring culture, can open the door to international opportunities the world over, and can help expertly manage career relocations if required. 

6. We Get You What You’re Worth - After assessing your personality, skills, and experience, we’re able to understand what you are worth to an organisation and help you negotiate for at least that figure. Our wealth of specialist recruitment experience within your industry allows us to assess the value employers place  We know what employers are looking for, down to their most exacting personal preferences, and can therefore help you present yourself in a way that commands the higher salaries.

7. We Manage The Process – Our expert consultants don’t just submit your CV and hope the rest will fall into place. We’re experienced in all aspects of mid-to-senior level recruitment and can therefore help manage your process to be successful every step of the way. This might involve simply guiding you on the interview and hiring process, preparing you for success. Or it might be taking care of intermediary requirements such as psychometric testing, technical examinations, or assisting with the creation of a professional presentation if required.

8. Access To ‘Unseen’ Jobs – Letting us know you’re actively searching for new work will open doors to opportunities with all of our clients, which will mean you’ll be privy to roles that aren’t actively being advertised. For whatever reason, sometimes clients will ask us to commence a search for a vacancy that they don’t wish to publicly advertise. These are the vacancies that only candidates who join our network and let us know they’re searching will access, and they often include excellent mid-to-senior opportunities.

9. Help And Guidance In Your New Role - Our primary responsibility is to get you settled in the role you want - one you’ll both enjoy and thrive within. However, our service doesn’t stop at the moment the paperwork has been signed and you’re due to get started. We’ll also provide you with detailed guidance on how best to settle into your new role, and how to deal with a number of potential ‘problem situations’ in the first 90 days. And if you need any more specific advice, which might include specific company policy, or the personal preferences of key operators at your new firm, we are always just a phonecall away.

 10. True Industry Insight - Due to the nature of our work and the extensive network of key industry figures we can access, our recruiters are able to get an excellent birds-eye perspective on how their specialist industry is shaping up. Obviously, our recruiters understand the hiring market and salary trends as their main expertise, but the nature of day-to-day dealings with clients and candidates mean we also get early perspectives on how skills are being prioritised and valued. While working with us, we consider ourselves your recruitment partners. As such, we’re always available for a chat, and the industry insight we provide can help shape the direction of your career, training, and personal focus in a way that meets the modern and future requirements of the sector.

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