Reflection, Goal setting and Moving Your Career Forward in 2024

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It’s the start of a new year so inevitably for many, it’s a time for reflection and setting new goals on both a personal and professional level.

Whether you’ve set yourself new goals in terms of fitness, your health, relocation, renovations or simply creating memorable moments with family and friends… the new year is a prime time to start afresh with a new chapter. (For some, the new year may not feel like the right time to do this so don’t feel the pressure if it’s not the right time for you)

January is the perfect time to reflect on what you have achieved up to this point and what you need and want to do to reach your career goals this year and beyond.

Our team at CSG Talent work with senior level candidates all year round, supporting their career moves, career goals and working to find them new opportunities that not only match their skillset and experience, but that align to their own values and vision. 

We work across several markets, with specialists’ teams in each area who are not only confident in their understanding of roles, client business structure, goals and culture, but aref expert recruiters who have an in-depth knowledge of the market as a whole from both an organisational and candidate perspective.

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Below we offer our advice to help you take steps to progress your career in 2024. It will allow you the opportunity to have a clear plan and focus going forward.

Review and evaluate the previous year

A great starting point is to reflect on 2023 and highlight your successes and notable achievements throughout the last year. Are there areas you need to develop or overcome professionally?

Think about the current stage of your career, how does this fit in terms of your end career goals? Are you where you want to be?

Before considering new opportunities, think about what’s most important to you in your current role. The below questions can help you establish this:

  • What do you enjoy the most?
  • What is most important to you?
  • What elements do you wish to delegate in a future role?
  • What areas are you keen to build on and take more ownership of?

Consider the value you can add to an organisation and think about how you can communicate this in your CV, LinkedIn/Candidate profile, job application and at a potential interview stage. Can you effectively demonstrate your ability to think strategically? Can you show how your skills and experience can implement change, innovation and drive a business forward to stand out from their competition? These are all important considerations when it comes to seeking a new senior level position.

Taking time out to reflect and assess can be hugely beneficial in allowing you to move forward with a clear and focused mindset and to decide on your career goals.

Looking forward and goal setting for the new year

The next stage is to plan where you want to be and establish how you will get there. Set yourself goals that will push and challenge you, while also being realistic enough to achieve and within the time scales you desire. All goals don’t necessarily have to be focused on new roles if that’s not relevant to you at this early stage. It can be centred around new skills, experience or presence in an area you can excel and develop.

Think about answering the following questions:

  • Where do I want to be and how will I get there?
  • Do I need further studies or training to support my career goals?
  • How established is my online presence?
  • Am I engaged and connected with others in my network?
  • Will this action support my end career goals?

Set yourself goals to achieve in both the short and long term, think about where you want to be in the next 6 -12 months, then think about five years’ time.

How to take action to get results

Once you’ve set yourself goals and have a clear vision on where you want to be and how you’re going to get there, the next steps are to put yourself out there and take action in driving your career forward.

Now is the time to build your CV and enhance your profile or portfolio. Boost your online presence and be visible across your network, build relationships and connect with other like-minded professionals in your sector. Do you have key topics you are not only highly experienced and knowledgeable in, but have the passion to deliver keynote speeches to? Can you collaborate with others and have presence on multiple channels such as a podcast, webinar or an in-person seminar or event?

Engage with a Recruitment expert who is a well-respected specialist in your market, this will gain you exposure to more opportunities and take a lot of the stress away from the process of securing a new role. They will be able to support you with the preparation stage of the application process, give you guidance on best practice throughout the interview process and introduce you to potential employers.

Working closely with a recruiter will also result in them negotiating the best package and salary based on your preferences at a potential offer stage.

No matter what stage of your career, whether it’s mid-senior or c-suite positions, our candidates value the partnership they have in working with our team of recruitment experts to secure their next career opportunity.

At CSG Talent, our team of experts pride themselves on the strong relationships they build with candidates and the success in supporting them to reach their long-term career goals. In 2024, we still find ourselves in a heavily candidate driven market with businesses crying out for top talent, it’s a prime time for candidates to assess their career options.

It’s important for candidates to engage with a recruiter who spends time to build a relationship, getting to know them and their career and ensuring both are on the same page in terms of potential career moves. This helps to make sure the process is effective and successful going forward. Having the support, guidance and proactive approach of an experienced recruiter will open the door to many opportunities and introductions to potential employers.

Gary Logan; Business Manager at CSG Talent, specialising in Medical Devices Recruitment shares his thoughts on the market this new year;

"January always proves to be an extremely busy month across the market and this year is looking no different. It's an exciting time for both businesses and candidates, with growth plans in place and an array of opportunities available for those seeking a new role. January is always a great, and busy period working in recruitment and at CSG Talent we are delighted to support candidates to achieve their career goals and to work alongside businesses driving their business forward with significant growth." 

If you’re in the early stages of considering a career move this year and need some advice on how to approach this, or if you are eager to secure a new role imminently, then get in touch with our expert team today for a confidential conversation.

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