How To Stay Ahead Of The Competition In An Evolving Accounting Sector

4 min

The evolution of the accountancy sector means there are more roles than ever and even fewer reasons to stick with a role that isn’t right for you! Here are our tips on how to get ahead of the competition…

Desired Skills

Accounting and Financial skills are in high demand currently within Australia’s leading accounting firms. Firms are also looking for candidates with analytical skills, where they can see past the basic compliance work and add extra value in their roles, therefore standing out from their competition and progressing their firm as a leading provider in the market.

Innovating Your Pre-Set Role

Job roles are evolving as organisations are looking for more all-rounders. A CFO’s position for example is not only about the financial responsibilities but also involved in HR and other functions within the business. It is key to think innovatively, to bring new insights into your role; this will add extra skills to your CV and open up opportunities that you might have never thought of.

Utilising Technology

IT skills are of great advantage. Organisations are shifting to cloud based technology, therefore embracing and understanding such technology as cloud not only saves you time but sets you apart from candidates who are not knowledgeable in this technology. Digital technology is only going to continue to evolve in the accountancy sector as automation is advancing to AI, if you do not embrace this technology there is a concern of being left behind. One example of how AI will impact the industry is in relation to compliance as the automation of data management is on the rise, resulting in maximum productivity.

Industry Insight

Australian and New Zealand financial leaders have specified what skills are of high importance to them when considering new candidates for roles. Among the desired skills, digital and technological skills are of the highest importance for a candidate to hold, especially due to the advances in automation technology. In addition to the technical skills a candidate might hold, financial leaders believe that soft skills such as communication, interpersonal and leadership skills are as important if not more so than the technical skills.

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