Celebrating One Year of the CSG Talent Recruitment Academy

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January 2022 marked one year of the CSG Recruitment Academy. It’s been a successful addition to our training and development function of the business. The CSG Recruitment Academy allows new recruits to receive training on all elements of the recruitment process. They are given the tools and knowledge to become experts within their specialist industry sector.

It’s been great to look back on the success of the Academy over the last year and see how it’s developed over that time. We’ve learnt a lot and established what has worked well. The trainees have enjoyed a variety of different training methods to suit all learning styles. It’s also been great to see everyone in the business get behind the Academy model. More and more managers are looking to grow their busy teams through the Academy programme. The Graduates that have joined us in the last year have gone on to flourish and develop themselves as experts in their market. Each have built a solid client base and large candidate network. With it being such a buoyant time to be in the recruitment industry the Academy has gone from strength to strength.

At CSG Talent, we are focused on identifying and attracting new talent to the business. We recruit graduates fresh out of University, or candidates with experience in other fields looking to embark on a new career. In 2021 we recruited Academy members from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of which included performing arts, military, farming and retail! Grant Mcintyre joined CSG on the first Academy intake of 2021. Grant highlighted the support he received from Steph, Chris and the Renewable Energy Team which enabled him to build his confidence and apply himself to recruitment while also utilising his transferable skills. The transition from the Academy to his team was seamless and Grant felt like he could add value as soon as he joined.

The support I received from Steph, Chris and the Renewable Energy team has enabled me to build confidence and apply my transferable skills to recruitment.

In 2021, we facilitated three intakes with 18 Academy members. They joined various teams including Renewable Energy, Medical Devices and Life Sciences, Mining and Construction. With many more teams keen to expand in 2022, we’re looking to increase the scale of the Academy this year. We have plans to grow our Recruitment Academy in the UK to our Manchester office as well as our Leeds head office.

Two of our Senior Managers have welcomed Academy Graduates to their teams in 2021 and have seen many benefits themselves. These teams are set to grow further this year, hiring more trainees. This is because of their positive experience with the CSG Recruitment Academy.

Dom Ridley, Head of Renewable Energy who has recruited consultants from many academy intakes:

“The Recruitment Academy has been a great success and the Renewable Energy team have benefited from new recruits. They have brought fresh ideas and approaches, without having preconceptions of recruitment. Consultants have autonomy in their role, so they gain the independence and responsibility for their own desk. Full support and guidance is available should they need it. The Academy is a great programme to allow consultants to pick a career route from the start, with potential to adapt to suit their career goals.”

Adam Raybould, Principal Consultant in Construction Equipment:

“I have worked in recruitment for a long time and my experience hiring from the Academy has been an incredibly positive one. The amount of training and support given to the Academy Graduates is exceptional. When they joined the team, they had an immediate impact in helping me to create a fast-paced sales driven environment. One of the key things I noticed was a lack of fear in making client calls. This can often be daunting for new starters in recruitment!

The CSG Academy is a unique concept that provides a level of support not seen in the recruitment market. I would highly recommend the Academy programme to new starters making their way in recruitment. They will not get ‘thrown in the deep-end’ as they have the chance to learn the skills needed to do the job. Doing so without heavy handed targets or unreasonable expectations.”

The CSG Academy is a unique concept that provides a level of support not seen in the recruitment market.

The culture we promote at CSG is great and is something we pride ourselves on. There’s always a good buzz within teams whether in the office or working from home. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. There’s plenty of social activities to support team building as well as great perks with a fun work environment and office games. Plus, there are regular early finishes on a Friday!

CSG are proud of the comprehensive training programme facilitated in the CSG Recruitment Academy. The graduation numbers and success rate from the Academy speak volumes.

It's great to hear positive feedback from consultants who have been through the Recruitment Academy. It highlights not only how successful the programme has been, but the value we have been able to add to our colleagues. It's given them the opportunity to develop into specialists within their market.

Olivia Durrant, Consultant in Mining Technology, was part of our June 2021 recruitment academy intake:

“I found the transition from the Recruitment Academy to the mining team smooth and well structured. Having support from both Steph and the Mining Team throughout the full training period, it was a natural progression into the wider team. Regular meetings with the Mining Team from the onset allowed me to understand the industry. This insight helped me get to know my market in detail. Alongside the training with Steph in the Academy which allows me to apply and put into practice techniques and approaches.”

Tom Donnan, Consultant in Construction Equipment recruitment. Tom was part of our September 2021 Recruitment Academy intake:

“Being part of the Training Academy here at CSG has enabled me to gain a thorough understanding of the recruitment industry. This has been through dedicated weekly training from Steph alongside regular 1 to 1 training and seminars. The transition from the Academy to building my own desk of business has been prudently handled by Steph and Adam in ensuring I have developed the right skill set. This has allowed me to contribute effectively to the team whilst being fully supported. Guidance and training on anything I need further support on is readily available.”

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Looking forward 2022 and beyond

As the economy continues to grow and the employment market booms, our Academy model lends itself well to a growing business like ours. We've recently welcomed our first academy members this year and have plans to recruit in May and October. We’ll look for hard working Grads and Trainees to join us on our goal to grow and develop as a global company. We can expect many more records to be set from our new Academy Consultants, new markets to grow and more fun to be had! It’s an exciting time to be in recruitment. Training and support from the Academy and the wider business, CSG Talent is a fantastic place to start their Executive Search career.

If you’d like to find out more information on all our UK intakes in 2022, please contact Steph to hear more!

Are you an experienced recruiter looking for a fresh start? Our training and development programmes at CSG Talent will allow you to take your career in the direction most suited to you and your career goals.

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