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Simon Gillibrand

Global Head of Natural Resources

  • Industry: Agriculture, Mining, Minerals & Metals
  • Regions covered: US and EMEA

Simon has over 15 years’ experience in executive search and research and is responsible for our Global Natural Resources team working across 6 global offices.

The team, specialising within the Mining & Agriculture industries, have placed senior level mining professionals within leading organizations in over 50 countries. As a result, Simon has a strong global perspective of the Natural Resources  industry and works in close collaboration with his clients on areas such as succession planning and increasing female diversity at a senior level. Simon is also a key member of CSG’s Diversity & Inclusion committee and has helped spearhead many initiatives within the business.

If you are looking to grow your company, explore progressive career moves, or you’d simply like to know how the hiring market is shaping up at the moment, please feel free to contact him on: +44(0) 113 416 6493 / 

Simon's insights


At CSG Talent, we have extensive experience placing senior-level talent in mining jobs worldwide. Through this experience, we understand how vast the industry is in terms of its history, global reach, and importance to our society and way of li...


Often, when we talk of mining jobs, a certain mental image forms: coal-dusted men emerging at the end of a shift as a steam-whistle blows, hardhats on and pick-axes in hand.    Whilst this might be the popular image of mining, ...