5 Advantages Of Using A Recruitment Agency

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By CSG The Global Talent Experts

Are you looking to make a career move?

If so, have you considered using a recruiter to aid your search?
Searching for your next career move is not always the simplest process; it can be long and stressful at times. Trying to understand what opportunities are out there, what roles you would be suitable for, and how you put yourself forward are sometimes the hardest first steps in making your career change. On top of this, typically the situation you find yourself in when you are looking for a job is less than ideal. You may no longer have a job and be actively looking, usually resulting in the process being more urgent / stressful or you are still holding your current role which most commonly means the job hunting process is harder to manage on a day to day basis if you aim to keep it discrete. A recruitment agency is a great solution to these job search struggles as a consultant will do the leg work for you!

Exclusive Opportunities

Recruiters sometimes work on roles that are not publicly advertised; as a result there are times when they are exclusively working on retained roles. Retained recruitment is where a recruiter works on an exclusive basis, meaning the role will only be filled through that recruitment agency. This means you could be one of the first to find out about the vacancy before it becomes general knowledge. In these scenarios going through a recruiter increases the opportunities that are available to you and the recruiter is able to successfully champion you to their trusted clients.

Expert Advice

As specialists in their market, good recruiters have extensive experience and knowledge. They are aware of all the opportunities available and will be able to best advise you on which you are most suitable for through providing industry insights specific to your market. Recruiters act as industry experts, they don’t just find you the first job they have, they work with you to understand your needs and aspirations to make sure the job is the right fit for you. They are able to give greater insights about the jobs available, understanding finer details you wouldn’t know about otherwise; if your long-term goal is to become a manager within a business, you need to know that the role has numerous opportunities for development and promotions – a recruiter can find this information for you. It’s worth saying that recruiters are heavily invested in your career, a good recruiter will ensure you are settled in and check up on how you are finding your new role. Building a long-lasting relationship with a recruiter is mutually beneficial as they are a great contact to get insight into how the recruitment market is shaping up in your sector, even if you’re not looking to make a move, and also to work on your behalf in the future.

Guided Process

A recruiter spends all day every day helping people like you look for a job. They are experts in the entire process of finding a new job, from understanding what a good CV looks like, knowing how to succeed in interviews, by ‘Asking The Right Questions’ and even negotiating with clients on your behalf to get you the right package. Due to this, recruiters are able to provide extensive support and guidance throughout the entire process. Part of this is managing your expectations, keeping you on target and not getting hung up on opportunities that are not right for you. In addition to giving advice they will also keep you informed of how you are doing throughout the process so you know exactly where you stand, with extensive contacts in the industry they can find information out for you ahead of time.

Time Efficient

Using a recruiter is a better use of your time as they can work on your behalf canvassing you to potential employers with greater ease than if you were to go it alone. Instead of simply sending an impersonal CV and it getting lost in a business’ inbox, a recruiter can make you stand out as a candidate by pitching your skills, experience and overall culture fit for the company. The other question to ask yourself is, where do you find the time to make calls to prospective employers if you are still occupying your current role? It’s much more hassle! Let the recruiters work on your behalf and simplify the process for yourself.


Confidentiality is key, especially at senior level where CSG operates; therefore anything that you discuss with a recruiter remains confidential. You can trust that the conversations you have will remain between the two of you, if for example you are looking to make a move to a competitor, using a recruiter is the most discrete way to do that. Rather than having your CV on a job board for all to see, working directly with a recruiter avoids this situation; although it is important to work with a trusted recruiter that you feel confident sharing these details with.

CSG operates across a range of sectors across the globe and has multiple teams of experts who specialise in specific industries. We strive to ensure that you as a candidate have the best experience throughout the recruitment process. Why not take a look at our recruitment consultant page and see which of our team would be the best fit for your industry and skillset.