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They have the largest Research and Development team within the industry, a strong track record of 25 years industry and their products power installations in over 150 countries worldwide. The organisation has heavily invested in their research, testing and production and now has over 2,600 employees across the globe.

Sungrow is set to become the global leader of clean power conversion technology by providing clean power for all, and continually strive to be a well-respected global first-class enterprise.

The Brief

The relationship with Sungrow began in 2020, Dom Ridley had previously met with the former HR team and following their departure from the business, the new Head of HR reached out to invite CSG Talent to demonstrate their capabilities to become a recruitment partner for the business.

To secure a successful working relationship, CSG talent were set to work on a recruitment campaign to source a niche role for Head of Service with a complex set of requirements and experience. After successfully filling this role for Sungrow, CSG Talent became a preferred supplier for recruitment.


CSG Talent work closely with the Head of Talent and Head of HR at Sungrow to support their recruitment across a range of functions and locations such as; Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Poland and the UK.

The team have successfully sourced and placed candidates across Sales, Service, Product, HR, Finance, Logistics, EV, PV and Energy storage.

Dom and the Renewable Energy team utilise the SAS approach to recruitment; source, assess, secure. Their ability to source and attract a high calibre of candidates within their large global network allows them to engage with the top talent in the market. The team of experts are highly knowledgeable and skilled in candidate assessment to establish suitability for specific roles. The final part of the process is to secure their commitment to the opportunity. In a candidate driven market where candidates have multiple opportunities available, sourcing those who are right for the role and understanding their candidate motivations is key. Counteroffers can be more prominent in a candidate short market, so the secure stage of the process is crucial to ensure candidates are not lost in the final stages of the process.

Not only has Dom proven to deeply understand how Sungrow works, he also provided outstanding candidates to us, and has indeed, helped us finding most talents from all our external partners… by far! Meanwhile he and his team are helping us secure great talent in more than 8 Countries! For me, what strikes me is that the candidates suggested are always committed and reliant! I hope to continue the good relations between us and we, at Sungrow, are surely in dire need of more support of Dom and his team!


Ongoing Success

The successful partnership works because of the team at CSG Talent’s ability to effectively hit the brief of all roles to be able to source relevant skills and experience for roles. Not only this but engaging with candidates who are heavily invested in the opportunity and those who are likely to accept an offer having had all information and insight in the early stages of the process.

CSG Talent have been closely working with Sungrow as a recruitment partner for over two years, making over 30 placements across a variety of functions. Sungrow engaged with four recruitment partners throughout 2021 and 80% of roles were filled by CSG Talent, demonstrating successful understanding of the roles and ability to fulfil Sungrow’s recruitment needs and growth plans.

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