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Identifying and Analysing Talent Pools in Sydney


Atelier Ten, a well-known environmental design consultancy in Australia reached out to CSG Talent for recruitment support. The company was growing their service offering and in turn required additional technical capabilities within the team to help achieve the company’s expansion objectives. They required two highly skilled Environmental Designers in Sydney, Australia but needed assistance to source them in a talent short market and ongoing challenges attracting talent.

CSG Talent offers a range of Talent Strategy Services which can help clients navigate new talent landscapes and build a pool of qualified candidates. Atelier Ten specified they wanted applicants who had a high level of industry knowledge as well as the technical skills required to fulfil the needs of the role.

Our Solution

Our Recruitment Consultant within the Engineering and Construction industry, recommended an entire search project through CSG Talent’s Talent Pipelining service, to identify and analyse the talent pool across Sydney, Australia.

Firstly, our Engineering and Construction team conducted thorough research to map out the talent landscape, during this phase data was collected on many key factors including the average salary for this position in Australia, candidates’ expectations and goals, industry experience, energy modelling skills and willingness to work in our client’s company. Our consultant consistently communicated with Atelier Ten to ensure transparency throughout the whole process.

Once a better understanding of the talent pool was achieved, the Engineering and Construction recruitment team were able to identify candidates who would be a perfect fit of the company’s culture and passion for sustainability. Our team proactively reached out and engaged with relevant Environmental Designers, acting as a brand advocate for the client and promoting the opportunity to join the business.

As part of CSG Talent’s service, we offer clients a unique, custom-made Candidate Engagement Pack to help “sell” the role and company to potential candidates. These packs are created by CSG Talent’s inhouse marketing team and are designed in line with the client’s branding. They provide valuable insights about the company and the opportunity. The Engineering and Construction recruitment team utilised this tool to attract further interest from the potential talent pool.

Through this approach the recruitment consultant was able to compile a highly qualified and engaged selection of candidates for our client’s consideration.

The Result

Our team provided Atelier Ten with a shortlist report of relevant candidates that met the following criteria:

  • Had relevant experience and skillsets
  •  Passion for sustainability 
  • Willingness to join the company

The client was very impressed with the talent available and interviewed all of the shortlisted candidates. They found the perfect fit for their team and were able to fill the two Environmental Designers positions within their company and ultimately hired exceptional professionals to fill their business needs.

CSG Talent not only supported Atelier Ten with their hiring strategies but also contributed significantly to their business goals, allowing them to meet their expansion aspirations in a talent-short market.

Since then the Engineering and Construction recruitment team at CSG Talent have worked closely with Atelier Ten to continue supporting their recruitment across Australia. The team has successfully placed an Associate Director - Sustainability in Melbourne, an Associate - Sustainability in Melbourne, a Senior Environmental Designer in Sydney, a Market Sector Leader - ESD in Melbourne, and an Environmental Designer for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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