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ANZCO Foods is focused on enhancing the wellbeing of consumers through nutrition, taste, quality and convenience. Founded in 1984, ANZCO Foods has five global offices, ten processing and manufacturing facilities and over 3,000 employees worldwide.

ANZCO Foods has four core business activities:

  • Procurement of the best beef and lamb from New Zealand’s lush green pastures
  • Processing of premium New Zealand beef and lamb in state-of-the-art, accredited facilities
  • Designing and creation of food and healthcare products and solutions
  • Marketing and delivery of products and solutions to more than 80 countries around the world

The importance of well-established and long-standing relationships with industry specialists

Daniel Mather, Business Manager and Specialist Recruiter within the Consumer Recruitment team at CSG Talent focuses on a very niche area within the meat and protein market. Dan has known the UK Manager at ANZCO Foods for nearly a decade, having previously supported him new job opportunities in the industry and stayed in regular contact over the years. The UK Manager (David Maher) at ANZCO Foods approached Dan about a new role they were keen to recruit for, a Key Account Manager in the UK. Having previously worked with other recruiters, having little success with accessing relevant, industry specific talent, David was keen to approach Dan to work exclusively on a retained recruitment project, knowing this approach would prove successful in his quest for a Key Account Manager with relevant industry experience and the background required to succeed in this role.

“I’ve worked closely with David for a number of year and have always maintained regular contact, having built rapport and a good relationship over the year both on a work and a personal level. We’re both at similar stages of our live and sporting similar interests, communication lines have always remained open and consistent, something I feel is important and really helps me understand him more as a person, a candidate and a client to allow me to support him in the most effective way from a recruitment perspective.” Dan Mather – Business Manager – CSG Talent

Having known Dan, and his experience and knowledge of the market both from talent perspective and working in-house, having in-depth knowledge of the meat market himself, David was confident Dan would have the relevant network to access potential candidates and have a strong understanding of the requirements of the role ANZCO Foods were keen to recruit.

Due to growth across the globe, ANZCO Foods created a new role for a Key Account Manager to enter new markets in the UK and tap into further areas of growth and business development. An area of mass potential, the UK Account Manager saw the opportunity for this role and knew they would need someone who had the knowledge of the meat industry, the UK meat market, and proven success selling and developing business accounts.

Placing trust in a recruitment partner with vast knowledge and experience in a niche industry

The experience with the meat recruitment team at CSG Talent is unique, Dan understands the nuances of the industry, the detailed briefs of roles and as a result of a strong partnership with ANZCO Foods, an in-depth understanding of the business, structure, culture and what they want to achieve. 

An initial brief of the Key Account Manager role was given, The UK Manager at ANZCO Foods gave detailed insights into the reason for the role, the responsibilities of the role and the relevant experience desired to allow this role to succeed and add value, alongside this Dan delved further into the previous company experience that would be desirable and established the candidates who would be best to approach, and those that wouldn’t be considered. 

With Dan’s vast network in the industry, after initial conversations with ANZCO Foods, he identified one candidate he had a strong relationship with who he knew would be perfect for the opportunity. Dan carried out a detailed market analysis of the talent available, sourced and interviewed a number of candidates before shortlisting five candidates to ANZCO Foods. All candidates were interviewed by the client and one standout candidate was progressed to second stage before a successful offer and acceptance, the entire process from initial brief to offer acceptance was a short seven weeks, a very efficient time frame for such a niche recruitment campaign.

"Dan helped me secure my latest role and was very professional and thorough. Great role and company information and timely communication throughout. Clearly very knowledgeable about the FMCG and meat industry making suitability conversations very straight forward." Adam Fisk - Key Account Manager - ANZCO Foods

The value of candidate packs and brand ambassadors

For this role, the specialist meat industry recruiter discussed the benefits of additional elements of the recruitment process that not only help inform potential candidates of the opportunity and company in more detail, but overall enhance the candidate experience. 

CSG Talent’s in-house marketing team worked closely with Dan and the team at ANZCO Foods to create a bespoke candidate engagement pack. The pack effectively communicated the brand, the role, the opportunity and more insight into ANZCO Foods vision, values and goals, company culture. Candidates throughout the process really valued having this additional information, presented in a professional and engaging communications pack.

Daniel made the hiring process smooth from start to finish. From the very first meeting he was engaged and actively listening to what we needed, and this was reflected in the quality and suitability of candidates he shortlisted for us. The comprehensive ‘candidate pack’ he pulled together was packed full of all the key information the candidates needed to get a true flavour of the role and company, and our eventual hire commented that this was key in drawing him into the interview process. The new member of our team is a really good fit and already making a difference. With Daniel’s expertise in protein, he is a rare gem in the industry that often struggles to find good people.

David Maher - UK Manager

The success of sourcing talent to add value to a business

The successful candidate appointed as Key Account Manager at ANZCO Foods was in fact the first candidate approached by CSG Talent, he was the benchmark for the talent pool and proved to be the most relevant fit, as predicted. The Key Account Manager had a strong background working in the meat industry, managing relationships with major retailers and success developing business accounts, as well as being an excellent fit for the team, company size and culture. 

Within six months, the Key Account Manager added immense value to ANZCO Foods by securing large customer accounts with well-known retailers, supporting the continued growth of ANZCO Foods in the UK. This introduction of this role has also allowed the UK Manager to focus his time in other areas of the business which is a huge benefit to him and the business. 

ANZCO Foods continue through their phase of growth and will look to work with CSG Talent for future talent mapping and recruitment on a retained basis as a trusted recruitment partner.

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