Spencer Knight

Principal Business Consultant - Cell & Gene Therapy

  • Industry: Health Sciences, Life Science
  • Regions covered:

Spencer is an experienced Principal Consultant operating in the Life Sciences space, with a specialised focus in Cell & Gene Therapy. He collaborates with a diverse range of organisations from start-ups and SMEs to global organisations.

Spencer is dedicated to cultivating long term partnerships with clients, taking the time to understand the unique business challenges they face and providing personalised recruitment solutions to scale their companies with the right candidates. Some key areas he has successfully scaled include: Cell Therapy, Exosomes, Genome Editing (CRISPR & Biotechnology), Gene Therapy, Immunology, Immuno-oncology, Neurology, Oncology, RNA and Stem cells (iPSC).

“I'm passionate about recruiting in the cell and gene therapy arena, going beyond finding candidates to immerse myself in the industry's pulse by actively engagement in conferences, making contributions to publications and connecting with influential people in the space. My approach isn't just about filling roles; it's about strategic partnerships, providing insights, and ensuring clients access visionary talent shaping the future of cell and gene therapy. Contributing to companies making strides in curing diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's is particularly rewarding.”

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