Ryan Thwaite

Senior Consultant - IT Infrastructure and Power Management

  • Industry: Data Centres and Electronics
  • Regions covered:

With significant recruitment experience, Ryan is a Senior Consultant specialising in IT Infrastructure and Power Management.

Working with a variety of clients from start-ups and small businesses to recognised industry leaders, Ryan goes above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service to both candidates and clients throughout the recruitment process. In such a fast paced environment and with skill-shortages in this industry vastly affecting the hiring market, Ryan goes to great lengths to ensure he finds the best possible candidates for his clients, leaving no stone unturned.

Over the years Ryan has built a solid network of industry-leading candidates and he has immersed himself in the IT Infrastructure market. He has exceptional communication skills and loves networking, and he’s become well known for his friendly, approachable demeanour as well as the vast industry knowledge he possesses.

“I pride myself on clear, open, honest communication with my candidates and clients, and I will always keep them updated at every stage of the hiring process. Communication is key. I’ve got some fantastic clients and have built some great relationships with candidates, and this is what I enjoy most about my job. That, and the fact I love the sector I work in! It’s evolving at such a fast pace and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for the industry.”

If you are looking for industry-leading talent to help grow your company or are looking to explore a progressive career move within the IT sector, please contact Ryan on: +44 (0) 113 416 6471 or ryan.thwaite@csgtalent.com