Georgina Warburton

Head of Health & Social Care

  • Industry: Health & Social Care
  • Regions covered:

Georgina leads our Health and Social Care division which specialises in Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Children’s Services, Elderly Care and Housing Care and Support. Key focus areas of recruitment currently experiencing growth are Digital and Employee Mental Health, these are areas Georgina has recently been focusing on with clients. Georgina has been with CSG for over 12 years having worked in recruitment and executive search and selection since 2002.

Specialising in Health and Social Care for more than 15 years, many of Georgina's assignments are fully retained search campaigns, where the key to her success has been a proactive and systematic approach. This combined with a total focus on candidate fit across all aspects of skills, competences, culture and working style delivers results. Georgina believes that great communication, transparency and honesty are essential when working in partnership, whether that is supporting someone in their next career move or consulting on a key appointment. 

Examples of appointments include...

  • Managing Director – Learning Disabilities
  • Head of Operations – Learning Disabilities
  • Head of Marketing – Mental Health
  • Marketing Manager – Learning Disabilities and Mental Health
  • Quality and Compliance – Housing Care and Support
  • Business Development Director – Learning Disabilities
  • Business Development Manager – Learning Disabilities and Mental Health
  • Head of Bid and Tendering – Learning Disabilities

Alongside our executive search activities, Georgina partners with clients to strengthen their position in the sector through sourcing and analysing industry information such as:

  • Talent Mapping and potential availability
  • Competitor analysis
  • Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking
  • Employer Branding and Brand Perception

If you are looking to grow your company, explore progressive career moves, or you’d simply like to know how the hiring market is evolving at the moment, please feel free to contact me on: +44 (0) 113 416 6412 /