Callum Brady

Head of Industrial and Warehouse Automation

  • Industry: Industrial Automation
  • Regions covered:

Callum is a highly motivated and enthusiastic Consultant who leads the Warehouse Automation recruitment team at CSG Talent, with a particular focus across the EU and Americas.

As part of the Automation & Robotics division, Callum’s particular focus is Logistical Solutions, Robotics, Automation and Machinery. He proactively sources the highest quality talent throughout Europe and the Americas, for a wide range of engineering businesses. He prides himself on being a true recruitment partner to his clients, working with them exclusively to fulfil their hiring needs.

Callum has an Accounting and Finance degree from the University of Huddersfield, but is very much enjoying life in recruitment, mainly due to the people he meets and the industry he specialises in.

“I love what I do. I love speaking to people and developing relationships, and I love supporting candidates throughout their careers and helping them to land their dream jobs! I love networking and immersing myself in the automation industry - I find it fascinating, and I’m so excited to see what will emerge over the coming months as it’s evolving at such a fast pace. I get to work with some incredible clients across the EU and America, and I’m proud to support their businesses by delivering first-class recruitment solutions.”

The roles Callum recruits for spans Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Project & Programme Management, Department Leadership, Technical Project Management, and Leadership / Exec level.

If you are looking for a bespoke recruitment solution for your business or if you are considering a career move in the Automation sector, then please get in touch: +44 (0)113 4166 266