Abdallah Baker

Senior Consultant - Federal Technologies

  • Industry: Aerospace and Defense
  • Regions covered:

Abdallah is an experienced senior consultant within our Federal Technologies team with a specialist focus on Software and Technical Services. Working with a wide range of businesses from small enterprises all the way up to multi-national corporations, Abdallah recruits for a variety of senior positions from Software to DevOps, Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions, Data, and Machine Learning Engineering solutions.

Abdallah brings several years of experience in the Technology sector to CSG Talent and has dedicated significant effort to building an established network of contacts that he utilises to enhance his industry knowledge. He demonstrates a collaborative and proactive approach and strives to understand the challenges faced by clients whilst identifying the right candidates for specialised roles.

“I consistently dedicate time to developing my technical knowledge and understanding of the industry, whilst being a true asset to my candidates and clients by ensuring that I provide them with the best possible service. I’m passionate about having a voice that drives positive changes from a collaborative and cultural perspective.”