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Sam Aubry

Principal Consultant - Maritime & Shipping

  • Industry: Mining, Minerals & Metals, Maritime
  • Regions covered: US and EMEA

As a Principal Consultant at CSG Talent, Sam partners with Owners, Operators and Consultancies working to source high-calibre candidates with the vital experience required to maintain the standards of the Global Tailings Standards Review. Since joining CSG Talent in 2012, Sam has built up extensive experience working as an executive search and selection consultant. 

Most of Sam's clients are manufacturers and dealers, and his recruitment focus is on senior, managerial and board level positions within operational and project focussed roles. With an extensive global network of top talent - including those not actively or openly looking - Sam delivers high calibre employees to leading organisations.

If you are looking to grow your company, explore progressive career moves, or you’d simply like to know how the hiring market is shaping up at the moment, please feel free to contact me on: +44 (0) 113 416 6489  /