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Christina Theoklitou-Panagiotou

Head of OEMs, Technology and Processing

  • Industry: Mining, Minerals & Metals
  • Regions covered: US, EMEA and APAC

Christina is Head of OEMs, Technology and Processing at CSG Talent and has over a decade of experience in executive search. She works with a range of clients from multimillion-dollar global mining equipment and engineering companies to SMEs and start-ups, recruiting across all functions to include Engineering, Sales, Business Support, Management and C suite. She has experience with recruiting individual roles and tailored large scale recruitment projects to support growth.

Christina has built up a strong network globally and has a successful track record of providing clients with effective recruitment solutions that are tailored to their specific business needs. She is passionate about building long term valuable relationships with both clients and candidates.

“I love the industry I work in and building long term relationships, this not only enables me to place candidates in the right roles but also providing my clients with the best talent in the market with regards to experience and culture. From working with start-ups to billion-dollar companies the key to success is networking.”

If you’re looking for industry-leading talent to grow your company or are looking to explore a progressive career move in the mining industry, please contact Christina at or call +44 (0) 113 416 6469

Christina 's insights


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