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Explore how we supported Peabody Energy in recruiting HR management talent for their Australia operations

Who are Peabody Energy?

Peabody is a leading coal producer that supplies crucial materials for generating affordable and dependable energy and steel. Their unwavering dedication to sustainability is at the core of their operations, influencing their future strategy. Based in St. Louis, United States, Peabody has a global workforce of 5,500 employees and operates in various locations across the US, as well as in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

The Challenge

Peabody had recruitment requirements to fill two HR Manager roles, one located in Mudgee, QLD, and one in Helensburgh, NSW. Due to the complex nature of HR roles within the mining sector and remote working sites, finding candidates willing to relocate and who possess robust employee relations skills in a highly unionized environment was a challenge. Peabody's expectations were clear — ideal candidates needed to be willing to relocate to remote areas, demonstrate effective leadership skills, and have experience in dealing with unions.

Initial Engagement

Evan Jones, a mining specialist recruiter with CSG Talent’s Australia team, initially engaged with the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Peabody, who is based in St. Louis, USA. An initial meeting was arranged during the CAO's visit to Brisbane. During this meeting, CSG Talent's mining recruitment team was introduced to Peabody's HR Director. The aim of their collaboration was to address the long-standing hiring challenges the HR Director faced in filling two HR Manager positions, requiring the expertise of a specialized HR recruitment expert.

Managing Director, Peabody Energy

John Smith

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Our Approach

Peabody wanted the highest quality talent to fill their two vacant HR roles. They wanted candidates who are flexible, strong leaders, and capable of dealing with unions to join and support the continued growth and success of the company. To achieve the required results for Peabody, Evan took the following approach:

Recognizing that conventional job advertisements wouldn't yield the right results, Evan embarked on a focused headhunting campaign, primarily leveraging LinkedIn. His approach transformed these opportunities from mere jobs to promising career advancements. 

Evan also proactively engaged with Peabody's key stakeholders to deeply understand the company's culture and values. He uncovered Peabody's unwavering commitment to training, development, succession planning, and talent management, as well as their strong emphasis on safety, environmental stewardship, and reducing their carbon footprint.

Evan's screening process went beyond the surface, delving into candidates' technical competencies and cultural alignment with Peabody's values. He carefully assessed their values, aspirations, career goals and openness to relocating. 

Evan's HR recruitment expertise allowed him to provide rich, specialized insights into candidates' profiles. He highlighted aspects such as the scale of the work sites they had managed, the size of teams they had led, and their experience in employee relations, including:

  • Performance management

  • Internal investigations

  • Enterprise agreement negotiations. 

Whilst these HR acumens were not necessarily requirements of these roles, it allowed the client to get a full understanding of the candidates’ capabilities as potential HR employees. Throughout the process, Evan maintained seamless communication with Peabody, facilitating interviews and ensuring that feedback flowed effortlessly.

Demonstrating Value

Our Results

Evan's HR recruitment expertise was instrumental in the timely delivery of outcomes for the client as he was able to promptly recognize and present suitable candidates. 

For the HR Manager role in Mudgee:

  • Evan resented four potential candidates within two weeks 

  • Two of these candidates progressed to the final stages

  • One candidate was successfully placed, and the other is under consideration for future opportunities. 

For the HR Manager role in South Sydney:

  • Evan presented three strong candidates

  • Two proceeded to the second stage

  • One successfully placed.

Evan's personalized and service-led approach successfully met Peabody's recruitment needs. It showcased the advantages of partnering with CSG Talent, where our specialized HR recruitment expertise and strategic approach provide our clients with a transformative and tailored hiring experience.

Recruitment Consultant, CSG Talent

Evan Jones

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