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Building Materials

Whilst the Construction industry's importance and dynamics are well documented, the Building Materials industry generally gets less attention despite exceeding $1.1 trillion in global revenue, but it is an industry that is facing many similar challenges to other industries.

Resource scarcity, increased sustainability pressures and regulation, increasing consolidation in the market and crucially a limited workforce and construction productivity are all having an impact on the industry. A shortage of labour with the right capabilities and skillsets has exacerbated the challenges in meeting demand and as a result has meant that many of the market leaders are adopting different strategies to keep their businesses moving forward.

It is clear that having a future-focused talent strategy has become critical to allow Building Materials maufacturers and distributors to remain competitive; developing talent and creating a talent pipeline for the new leaders needed for tomorrow . With an experienced Building Materials recruitment team, CSG Talent support leading organisations in the industry with attracting the next generation of leaders, commercial and technical talent.

Building Materials Recruitment Specialists

CSG's specialist Building Materials recruitment consultants cover several markets within the industry and recruit cross-functionally within these markets, covering a range of senior level roles, particularly within the Commercial space.

Meet Your Experts

Meet CSG Talent's consultants who specialise within Building Materials recruitment.

Meet the team
Bianca Yorke-Davies
Junaid Saleem
Cheryl Haines
Ben Dzivinski
Margie Ter Wolbeek
Alex Zakrevskis

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